AU Stalwart class

Support Ship



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10000light (tn)
15500full load (tn)
157.10length (m)
20.60beam (m)
9draught (m)


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    Typical Max
AU RAN Westland Wessex 02
AU RAN Westland Sea King 02

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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AU Cockatoo Island Dockyard - 2nm NW of Sydney1

List of Ships

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AURAND215HMAS StalwartVKCU19681990

1 units


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1963-sep-11OrderedAU D215 HMAS Stalwart
1964-jun-23Laid downAU D215 HMAS Stalwart
1966-oct-7LaunchedAU D215 HMAS Stalwart
1968-feb-9CommissionedAU D215 HMAS Stalwart
1968-sep-20DeploymentAU D215 HMAS Stalwart Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 13 Oct.
1970-mayDeploymentAU D215 HMAS Stalwart to Singapore, until Jul 1970
1972-janDeploymentAU D215 HMAS Stalwart to South China Sea and Hong Kong, returning to Sydney Mar 1972
1975-janDeploymentAU D215 HMAS Stalwart Cyclone Tracy relief operations Departed Sydney on 27 Dec 1974 for Darwin. Arrived on station early Jan 1975 and remained active until 30 Jan 1975. Returned during Feb 1975.
1977-feb-21RefitAU D215 HMAS Stalwart at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, until 26 May 1977
1983-apr-21Port VisitAU D215 HMAS Stalwart to Yokosuka, Japan until 30 Apr
1986-oct-4AU D215 HMAS Stalwart Present at 75th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review, alongside Garden Island
1986-oct-4AU D215 HMAS Stalwart Fleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN Present at 75th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review, alongside Garden Island
1990-mar-9DecommissionedAU D215 HMAS Stalwart

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