DE 701 Lüneburg class

Support Ship


Support Ship 701 Lüneburg class


helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UY Uruguayan Navy MBB Bo105 11


DE Blohm + Voss - 1
DE FSG Shipbuilders - 1

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19661996DEGerman Navy A1411Lüneburg
1996-- CO Colombian Navy 161 ARC Cartagena de Indias
19682003DEGerman Navy A1413Freiburg
2005-- UY Uruguayan Navy ROU 04 General Artigas

2 units


1965Laid downLaid down DE A1413 Freiburg
1966-jan-31CommissionedCommissioned DE A1411 Lüneburg
1966-apr-15LaunchedLaunched DE A1413 Freiburg
1968-may-27CommissionedCommissioned DE A1413 Freiburg
1996DecommissionedDecommissioned DE A1411 Lüneburg to Colombian Navy as ARC Cartagena de Indias (161)
1996CommissionedCommissioned CO 161 ARC Cartagena de Indias ex German Navy A1411 Luneburg
2003-dec-17DecommissionedDecommissioned DE A1413 Freiburg
2005-apr-06Fate: transferedFate: transfered DE A1413 Freiburg to Uruguay as ROU 04 Gral Artigas
2010-jan-19DeploymentDeployment CO 161 ARC Cartagena de Indias Operation Panlake sent to Haiti as part of International assistance programme following the magnitude 7.0 earthquake
2010-febDeploymentDeployment UY ROU 04 General Artigas to Haiti for relief operations with Bo105 063

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