germany Blohm + Voss

Hamburg, Hamburg

2.4103 Hamburg Port, Hamburg
10.1 52 Hamburg Bundeswehrkrankenhaus, Hamburg
10.6 9EDDH Hamburg, Hamburg
20.3305EDHE Uetersen, Schleswig-Holstein
41.8 7EDHM Hartenholm, Schleswig-Holstein
44.7355EDHX Bad Bramstedt Bundespolizei Heliport, Schleswig-Holstein

53° 32' 31.91'' N - 9° 57' 20.99'' E

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-Corvette K 130 Braunschweig class
1968Support Ship 701 Lüneburg class
1970Corvetteportugal Joao Coutinho class
1982Frigatenigeria MEKO 360H1 class
1983Destroyerargentina MEKO 360H2 class
1983Frigate F 122 Bremen class
1987Frigateturkey Yavuz class
1990Frigateportugal Vasco da Gama class
1992Frigategreece Hydra class
1994Frigate F 123 Brandenburg class
2003Guided-Missile Destroyer F 124 Sachsen class
2006Frigatesouth africa Valor class

1966-apr-15DE A1413 Freiburg 701 Lüneburg class
1969-may-2PT F475 NRP Joao Coutinho Joao Coutinho class
1969-jun-16PT F476 NRP Jacinto Candido Joao Coutinho class
1969-jul-26PT F477 NRP General Pereira D Eca Joao Coutinho class
1980-jan-25NG F89 Aradu MEKO 360H1 class
1980-sep-3DE F209 Rheinland-Pfalz F 122 Bremen class
1981-mar-28AR D-10 ARA Almirante Brown MEKO 360H2 class
1981-may-29DE F211 Köln F 122 Bremen class
1981-sep-25AR D-11 ARA La Argentina MEKO 360H2 class
1982-feb-17AR D-12 ARA Heroina MEKO 360H2 class
1982-aug-31AR D-13 ARA Sarandi MEKO 360H2 class
1985-nov-7TR F240 TCG Yavuz Yavuz class
1989-jun-26PT F330 NRP Vasco da Gama Vasco da Gama class
1991-jun-25GR F452 HS Hydra Hydra class
1992-aug-28DE F215 Brandenburg F 123 Brandenburg class
2001-jan-20DE F219 Sachsen F 124 Sachsen class
2002-jun-6ZA F145 SAS Amatola Valor class
2003-aug-2ZA F147 SAS Spioenkop Valor class
2006-apr-19DE F260 Braunschweig K 130 Braunschweig class
2007-julDE F263 Oldenburg K 130 Braunschweig class

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