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RU Russian Navy Kamov ka-27 Helix 02

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List of Ships

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RURussian Navy626RFS Vice-Admiral Kulakov1982--
RURussian Navy619RFS Severomorsk1987--
RURussian Navy605RFS Admiral Levchenko1988--

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1980LaunchedRU 626 RFS Vice-Admiral Kulakov
1982CommissionedRU 626 RFS Vice-Admiral Kulakov
1982-jan-27Laid downRU 605 RFS Admiral Levchenko
1984-jun-12Laid downRU 619 RFS Severomorsk
1985-feb-21LaunchedRU 605 RFS Admiral Levchenko
1985-dec-24LaunchedRU 619 RFS Severomorsk
1987-dec-30CommissionedRU 619 RFS Severomorsk
1988-sep-30CommissionedRU 605 RFS Admiral Levchenko
2012-aug-24Port VisitRU 626 RFS Vice-Admiral Kulakov to Portsmouth for 4 day visit
2013-may-24Port VisitRU 626 RFS Vice-Admiral Kulakov Battle of the Atlantic 70th Anniversary at Cruise Liner Terminal, Liverpool for BOA70 commemorations
2016-dec-5DeploymentRU 626 RFS Vice-Admiral Kulakov While en route northern ports to eastern Mediterranean, escorted through English Channel by HMS Sutherland.
2019-jan-10DeploymentRU 619 RFS Severomorsk Entered Black Sea for the first time

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