US St. Louis class

US Brooklyn class


    Derivatives / Succeeded by
US Cleveland class 1942
                        US CG Galveston class 1958
                        US CG Providence class 1959


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List of Ships

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USUS NavyCL-66Cleveland class USS Springfield19441949
Providence class CLG-7 USS Springfield 19601974
USUS NavyCL-67Cleveland class USS Topeka19441949
Providence class CLG-8 USS Topeka 19601969
USUS NavyCL-91Cleveland class USS Oklahoma City19441947
Galveston class CLG-5 USS Oklahoma City 19601979
USUS NavyCL-82Cleveland class USS Providence19451949
Providence class CLG-6 USS Providence 19591973
USUS NavyCL-92Cleveland class USS Little Rock19451949
Galveston class CLG-4 USS Little Rock 19601976
USUS NavyCL-93Cleveland class USS Galveston19571957
Galveston class CLG-3 USS Galveston 19581970

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