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  • RU Krivak class



    This was the original Project 1135 Burevestnik class. NATO codename Krivak I.

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    RU Project 11351 Nerey class 1983
    IN Talwar class 2003
                            IN Teg class 2012


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    List of Ships

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    F130Project 11351 Nerey class Hetman Sahaidachny19932022
    INIndian NavyF40Talwar class INS Talwar2003--
    INIndian NavyF43Talwar class INS TrishulAUBG2003--
    INIndian NavyF44Talwar class INS TabarAUBQ2004--
    INIndian NavyF45Teg class INS TegAVSA2012--
    INIndian NavyF50Teg class INS TarkashAVSB2012--
    INIndian NavyF51Teg class INS TrikandAVSC2013--

    7 units


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