RU Admiral Kuznetsov class

Guided-Missile Cruiser


Guided-Missile Cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov class


43000light (tn)
55200full load (tn)
305length (m)
72beam (m)
10draught (m)
8500range (nm)
29max speed (knots)

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
RU Russian Navy Kamov ka-27 Helix 024
RU Russian Navy RusHeli Ka-52 12


UA Black Sea Shipyard - Zavods'kyi1
UA Chernomorsky Shipyard - Zavods'kyi1

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----RURussian NavyRiga
2012-- CN 中國人民解放軍海軍 16 PLANS Liaoning
1990--RURussian Navy063RFS Admiral Kuznetsov

2 units


1981-mar-03OrderedOrdered RU 063 RFS Admiral Kuznetsov
1982-apr-01Laid downLaid down RU 063 RFS Admiral Kuznetsov
1985-dec-06LaunchedLaunched RU 063 RFS Admiral Kuznetsov
1985-dec-06Laid downLaid down RU Riga at Nikolayev Shipyard, Black Sea
1988-dec-04LaunchedLaunched RU Riga hull launched
1990CommissionedCommissioned RU 063 RFS Admiral Kuznetsov
1990 RU Riga renamed Varyag late 1990
1991Fate: transferedFate: transfered RU Riga uncompleted, to Ukraine
1998-aprFate: transferedFate: transfered RU Riga Ukraine announced sale of Varyag by auction to Hong Kong based Agencia Turistica E Diversoes Chong Lot Limitada for conversion to a floating casino.
2002-mar CN 16 PLANS Liaoning did not go to Macau as a casino but arrived under tow at Dalian Shipyard for completion as an aircraft carrier.
2012-sepCommissionedCommissioned CN 16 PLANS Liaoning as PLANS Liaoning
2016-octDeploymentDeployment RU 063 RFS Admiral Kuznetsov Deployed to Mediterranean from Arctic Ocean base, via the North Sea and the English Channel. At least Ka-27 90 (red) embarked.

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