IT Comandant class



Corvette Comandant class

Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) built by Fincantieri, Riva Trigoso (La Spezia) as the Nuove Unità Minori Combattenti or NUMC sharing hull and systems with the Nuove Unità di Pattugliamento dAltura or NUPA (Sirio class) . Both features stealth superstructures serves as coastal patrol, surveillance in immigration control. Home-based at Augusta.


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    Typical Max
IT Italian Navy Agusta AB212 11
IT Italian Navy NHI NH90 NFH 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante3

List of Ships

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ITItalian NavyP 490Comandante Cigala FulgosiIABE - P4902004--
ITItalian NavyP 491Comandante BorsiniIABF - P4912004--
ITItalian NavyP 492Comandante BetticaIABG - P4922004--
ITItalian NavyP 493Comandante FoscariIABH - P4932004--

4 units


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1999OrderedIT P 491 Comandante Borsini
1999OrderedIT P 490 Comandante Cigala Fulgosi
1999OrderedIT P 492 Comandante Bettica
1999OrderedIT P 493 Comandante Foscari
1999-jun-25Laid downIT P 490 Comandante Cigala Fulgosi
1999-jul-21Laid downIT P 491 Comandante Borsini
2000-mar-1Laid downIT P 492 Comandante Bettica
2000-sep-1Laid downIT P 493 Comandante Foscari
2000-oct-7LaunchedIT P 490 Comandante Cigala Fulgosi
2000-nov-24LaunchedIT P 493 Comandante Foscari
2001-feb-17LaunchedIT P 491 Comandante Borsini
2001-jun-26LaunchedIT P 492 Comandante Bettica
2004-jan-31CommissionedIT P 491 Comandante Borsini
2004-jan-31CommissionedIT P 490 Comandante Cigala Fulgosi
2004-jan-31CommissionedIT P 492 Comandante Bettica
2004-jan-31CommissionedIT P 493 Comandante Foscari
2011-mar-26DeploymentIT P 492 Comandante Bettica Operation Unified Protector with AB 212

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