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  • FR T53 Duperré class




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    FR DCNS - Brest - 2
    FR DCNS - Lorient - 2

    List of Ships

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    FRFrench NavyD633Duperré19571992
    FRFrench NavyD634La Bourdonnais19581976
    FRFrench NavyD635Forbin19581981
    FRFrench NavyD636Tartu19581979
    FRFrench NavyD637Jauréguiberry19581977
    FRFrench NavyD638La Galissonnière19621990

    6 units


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    1957-oct-8CommissionedFR D633 Duperré
    1958-feb-1CommissionedFR D635 Forbin
    1958-feb-5CommissionedFR D636 Tartu
    1958-mar-3CommissionedFR D634 La Bourdonnais
    1958-jul-19CommissionedFR D637 Jauréguiberry
    1962-jul-11CommissionedFR D638 La Galissonnière
    1973FR D635 Forbin converted helicopter training ship
    1976-julDecommissionedFR D634 La Bourdonnais
    1977-sep-16DecommissionedFR D637 Jauréguiberry
    1979-decDecommissionedFR D636 Tartu
    1981-jun-1DecommissionedFR D635 Forbin
    1986-may-30Fate: sunkFR D637 Jauréguiberry by MM40 Exocet
    1990-apr-20DecommissionedFR D638 La Galissonnière
    1992-mayFate: sunkFR D634 La Bourdonnais SM39 Exocet by submarine Ouessant
    1992-jun-1DecommissionedFR D633 Duperré
    1998-dec-9Fate: sunkFR D636 Tartu
    1999-may-17Fate: sunkFR D635 Forbin

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