D95 HMS Manchester

UK Royal Navy

1983 to 2011    


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Flight Deck: MC
Call Sign: GYHG


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History of UK D95 HMS Manchester

1978-may-9Laid down
1980-nov-24Launchedaka The Busy Bee
1982-octAircraftassigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.2 XZ736 as Manchester Flt / 360-MC until c Mar 1987
1986-apr-14Deploymentdeparted HMNB Portsmouth for global deployment via Panama Canal, Australia and Suez Canal, returned in Dec 1986.
1987-jun-16DeploymentSank fleet target HMS Yarmouth, during a weapons exercise.
1990-novAircraftassigned 815 Sq Lynx HAS.3 XZ694 as /360, until Jul 1991
1991-jan-13DeploymentPersian Gulf Armilla Patrol Departed Portland for 6 month Armilla Patrol duties, ahead of HMS Exeter, HMS Brave, HMS Brilliant and RFA Bayleaf, to relieve HMS Gloucester, HMS Cardiff and HMS Brazen on station. HMS Manchester joined the main group, after working off Cyprus, departing there 22 Jan. Returned to UK Jul 1991
1998-aug-28DeploymentHMNB Portsmouth International Festival of Sea Participated in IFoS 1998.
2006-febDeploymentrelieved by HMS Nottingham on station, as part of eastern Mediterranean anti-terrorism deployment.
2007-sepAircraft815 Sq 202 Flt Lynx HMA.8 changed codes from /360 to /202, prior to rejoining the ship in Oct 2007
2007-nov-12Deploymentleft HMNB Portsmouth for a 7 month maritime security deployment to the eastern Atlantic as part of the USS Harry S Truman Carrier Strike Group and on to the Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa. Returned in May 2008
2008-oct-4DeploymentNorth Western Approaches Exercise Joint Warrior 08-2 participated in bi-annual multi-national exercise off Scottish coast, until 17 Oct
2009-jan-26DeploymentSouth Atlantic Atlantic Patrol Task (South) departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7 month maritime security and anti-narcotics deployment. On APT(S) station from Feb, until relieved by HMS Gloucester in Jul 2009.
2009-feb-18Port VisitBRArsenal de Marinha Ilha das Cobras visited Rio de Janeiro for 4 days, in company with RFA Black Rover and departed on 22 Feb.
2010-may-24DeploymentLeft HMNB Portsmouth with 815 NAS 214 Flt Lynx HAS.3GMS XZ229/360-MC for a 7 month counter-narcotics deployment to the Caribbean, returned on 9 Dec. She was featured on deployment in the Channel 5 TV series Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol.
2010-nov-2Deploymentarrived off St Lucia, from Barbados, to lead humanitarian operations following Hurricane Tomas, which hit on 31 Oct.
2010-nov-15Port VisitCUPort of Havana Terminal Sierra Maestra to Havana, Cuba for 5 day visit.
2011-feb-3Port Visitberthed in Liverpool for 5 day farewell visit, prior to decommissioning.
2011-feb-24DecommissionedDecommissioned at HMNB Portsmouth.



    from Type 42 (Batch 3)
3880light (tn)
5350full load (tn)
141.10length (m)
14.90beam (m)
5.80draught (m)
1Missile Launcher Sea Dart
1Naval Gun Mk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
1Naval Radar air search radar Type 1022
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 996
1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 2016



    Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



UK BAE Systems (Vickers),

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