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Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace

Le Bourget, Paris France

George Caley Aerial Carriage

Paul Cornu. On November 13 1907, lifted into the air entirely without assistance from the ground.

Sud-Est SE 3101/3110. The Alouette ancestor

Autogiro Cierva C8L Mk2 G-EBYY

Lioré-et-Olivier (LEO) C.302 F-BDAD. Cierva Autogyro built in France

Sud-Ouest SO 1110 Ariel II c/n 01 F-WFRQ

Sud-Ouest SO 1220 Djinn c/n 02 F-WGVD

Alouette SE3130 prototype. c/n 01 code AS

Autogiro Gary F-WYDD. A 1976 derivated from the American Bensen and powered with a Wolkswagen engine

Sud Aviation SE3210 Super Frelon F-ZWWE & Breguet G111 F-WFKC

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