Gulf of Oman Helicopters

Special thanks Stephane Demers, Royal Canadian Navy

V-22 Osprey flying circuits at Shearwater Nova Scotia Canada during their cold weather and icing trials. Winter of 2003/2004
V-22 cold weather trials Canada

Canadian CH139 Jet Ranger. Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada fall of 2004.
CH-139 Canadian Ranger

Refueling our Bell 206 Jet Rangers at Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. February 2005
Bell 206 Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

Shearwater Nova Scotia Canada when the Sikorsky S-92 visited the base. October 25, 2003
Sikorsky S-92 Shearwater

November 2002, Operation Enduring Freedom :

Sea King CH-124 Operation Enduring Freedom
CH-124 Canadian Sea King Strider on deck of mom HMCS Montreal in Gulf of Oman. Sea King CH-124 Operation Enduring Freedom
Aboard aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Pizza Canada Sea King CH-124 Operation Enduring Freedom
During Enduring Freedom our port visits were few and far between so one day we made a run ashore to Fujairah UAE and brought back 110 pizzas for the entire ship s company. It was a very popular event !.

Royal Netherlands Navy lynx helo flying formation with our Sea King (Canadian)
over the Gulf of Oman during Operation Enduring Freedom
Dutch Lynx Operation Enduring Freedom

Hellenic Navy S-70 Ikarus visiting on our ship HMCS Montreal during Enduring Freedom
Hellenic Navy Seahawks Operation Enduring Freedom

United Arab Emirates Apaches in their undisclosed air base. February 2003
UAE Apaches Operation Enduring Freedom

Former Libyan CH-47 Chinook being smuggled. Caught in Gulf of Oman during Operation Enduring Freedom 2002
Libyan CH-47 Chinook smuggled Gulf Oman Operation Enduring Freedom

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