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  • Part I

    Boeing Helicopters Part II

    YCH-1A YCH-1B helicopters
    The YCH-1A and the YCH-1B, origin of two successful families

    April 22, 1958 : Vertol 107 Sea Knight (H-46)

    April 1960 : Vertol is acquired by Boeing, becoming the Vertol Division of Boeing Co , and later changed to Boeing Vertol

    September 21, 1961 : Boeing Vertol 114 Chinook (H-47)

    May 27, 1970 : Boeing Vertol 347
    A CH-47A modified for research with wings, four-blade rotors and fly-by-wire controls.
    Boeing c/n 164
    US Army Serial number 65-7992

    Boeing Vertol 347

    1973 : Boeing Vertol Number Unknown
    The proposal for the US Army AAH ( Advanced Attack Helicopter ) competition. Only a mock-up, not built.
    Lost against Hughes AH-64 Apache

    Boeing AAH

    1974 : UTTAS program - Boeing Vertol 179 (YUH-61)
    The proposal for the 1972 's US Army UTTAS ( Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System ) program. Lost against the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
    US Army Serial numbers 73-21656 to 73-21660, but only first 3 units were delivered. A 4th aircraft, called the "COP", stood as Company owned plane, was painted white with two tone blue stripes. 73-21656 & 58 are currently on display at Army Aviation Museum,Ft. Rucker, AL.


    1975 : Boeing Vertol HLH (XCH-62)

    1981 : Boeing Vertol 234 The civilian variant of the Chinook

    1985 : LHX Began collaboration between Sikorsky and Boeing. ( later known as RAH-66 ) .

    June 10, 1987 : Boeing Vertol [Boeing] 360 World s largest all-composite helicopter. This Advanced Technology Demonstrator made an extensive use of composite materials in the construction of the fuselage, rotor hubs, upper controls and drive system components. Designed and built as a private venture of Boeing is powered with 2 Textron Lycoming AL5512 turboshaft engines of 4,200 shp each and is similar in size to the model 107M ( CH-46 Sea Knight )
    One unit built ( N360BV )

    Boeing Vertol 360
    December 2, 1987 : Boeing starts developing the SOF ( Special Operations Forces ) Chinook

    Name changed to Boeing Helicopters

    Continue with Boeing Helicopters Part III

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