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Kamov Helicopters Part II

1965 : Ka-25 Hormone Ship on board helicopter for the Soviet Navy. Near 500 built up to 1975. Variants include: Ka-25BSh Hormone - A : Antisubmarine Warfare
Ka-25OTH Hormone - B : Targeting variant for feeding guidance data to cruise missiles launched by surface warships and submarines
Ka-25PS Hormone - C : SAR variant
Ka-25K : Civilian Crane variant

Rotor diameter: 15.74 m
Length: 10 m
Height: 5.37 m
Weight: 4770 kg - Max: 7500
Engine: 2 Glushenkov GTD-3F of 900 hp
Speed: Max: 220 km/h
Range: 400 km
Service Ceiling: 3500 m

1966 : Ka-26 Hoodlum - A
A typical Kamov design, a multi-purpose helo widely used by Aeroflot and several countries. More than 600 units built.

Notice derivative Ka-126 in the background.

1969 : V-50 An attack helicopter project with tandem rotors. Cancelled.

1971 : Ka-56
Folding Ultralight helicopter project for military service under the lead of Deputy Chief Designer Sergei Fomin. Should be able to be transported in a cylinder container of 500 mm diameter in order to be launched from the Navy submarines torpedo tubes. Powered by a 40 hp engine and a 4 main rotor blade estimates figures :
- Take-off weight: 220 kg (110 empty)
- Range: 150 km
- Cruise speed: 110 km/h
- Ceiling: 1700 m

Nov 24, 1973 : Nikolai Kamov dies.

1978 : Ka-27 Helix

1981 : Ka-28 / Ka-32 Helix Civilian derivative and export variants of the Ka-27

July 27, 1982 : Ka-50 Hokum [V-80]

1986 : Ka-116 Hoodlum - B Turbine engine development of the Ka-26
Ka-50 Hokum

Middle of the 1980s : V-100

A heavy attack helicopter project with a pusher propeller to exceed the speed of 400 km/h . It was to be armed with 3000 kg of bombs/rockets, two guns, and two anti-radar/anti-ship missiles. Not built.
Kamov V-100

1990 : Ka-118 A NOTAR ( No TAil Rotor ) development.

1993 : Ka-128 A Ka-126 development with an added intermediate gearbox , and Bendix King avionics.

1994 : Ka-62 / 62M ( 64 ) First Kamov's single rotor helicopter to enter service


1994 : Ka-226 Twin engine development of the Ka-126

1990s : Ka-37
An unmanned coaxial helicopter developed with Daewoo of South Korea initially designed for agricultural tasks . Performances are a max weight of 250 kg ( 50 payload ), speed of 110km/h, and flight duration about 45 minutes.

1996 : Werewolf, Alligator & Black Shark The Hokum export variants

1990s : Ka-40
Antisubmarine helicopter based on the Ka-27 Helix. Project cancelled in 1998

Contribution: Alex Sabine and Thomas Mueller

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