germany Bückeburg

Bückeburg, Niedersachsen

16.1251EDVY Gifhorn, Nordrhein-Westfalen
16.6290 Minden, Nordrhein-Westfalen
30.5 47ETNW Wunstorf, Niedersachsen
30.6239 Klinikum Herford, Nordrhein-Westfalen
30.9241 Herford, Nordrhein-Westfalen
34.0215 Hagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen

1946 to present

52 16 N - 9 5 E
1 NM NE of Bückeburg
Elevation: 230 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2015/nowInternationale Hubschrauberausbildungszentrumbo105p PAH-1 2015/16
1973/nowHeeresflieger Versuchstaffel 910bo105p PAH-1 ? to ?
1971/92Heeresfliegerstaffel 900alouette ii 1971/92
UH-1D 1971/92
1966/71Heeresfliegerverbindungsstaffel 700UH-1D 1969/71
alouette ii 1966/71
1960/nowHeeresfliegerwaffenschuleNH90 TTH 2006/now
EC135T1 2001/now
CH-53G 1971/12
UH-1D 1967/now
alouette ii 1960/06
s-58 H-34 1959/71
1960/66Heeresfliegerstaffel 51

News about this location :

90,000 Flight Hours for Bundeswehr EC135 SHS, 27-Oct-16 : The EC135 (SHS) training helicopter fleet of the German Armed Forces reached 90,000 flight hours since introduction in 2001

CAE to Support German Army Aviation School, 15-Dec-14 : CAE was awarded support services contract for the German Army Aviation School simulators in Bueckeburg.

200th NH90 goes to Belgium, 24-Jun-14 : NHI celebrated today the 200th NH90 helicopter delivery.

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By Date | By Serial

1999-jun HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+41
2005-oct-17 CH-53G8414
2006-sep-01 AS532UL CougarT-336
2006-sep-06 UH Tiger7408
2006-sep-09 AS332L1 Super PumaD-HEGE
2006-sep-09 BK117A-1D-HMUS
2006-sep-09 bo105p PAH-18655
2006-sep-09 CH-53G8414
2006-sep-09 Lynx mk888309
2006-sep-09 mi-24p422,96+45,335
2006-sep-09 NH90 TTH9893
2006-sep-09 SA316B Alouette IIIM-2 / OT-ZPB
2006-sep-09 SA330H PumaZJ954
2006-sep-09 Sea King Mk.418954
2006-sep-09 Super Lynx mk88a8309
2006-sep-09 Super Lynx mk88a8309
2006-sep-09 Tiger HAP2004 / ATE
2006-sep-09 UH-1D7101
2006-sep-10 NO Luftforsvaret412SP139
2006-sep-10 NO Luftforsvaret412SP143
2006-sep-10 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH42
2006-sep-10 US US Army AviationAH-64D Apache01-5243
2006-sep-10 BundespolizeiAS332L1 Super PumaD-HEGE
2006-sep-10 CH Schweizer LuftwaffeAS532UL CougarT-336
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105m80+10
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-187+92
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+55
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+44
2006-sep-10 bo105p PAH-18644
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+09
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+26
2006-sep-10 bo105p PAH-18626
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+51
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+66
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-187+55
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-188+05
2006-sep-10 bo105p PAH-18805
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-188+10
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+29
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-186+71
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegerbo105p PAH-187+29
2006-sep-10 CH-53G8405
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+05
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+11
2006-sep-10 CH-53G8413
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+13
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+14
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+18
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+27
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+32
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+41
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+57
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+65
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+72
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+76
2006-sep-10 CH-53G8487
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+87
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+98
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+51
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+52
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+53
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+54
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+55
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+56
2006-sep-10 EC135T182+57
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+57
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+60
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+62
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+63
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+64
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerEC135T182 65
2006-sep-10 BundespolizeiEC155BD-HLTI
2006-sep-10 FR Armée de l'AirH-34AQA+471
2006-sep-10 UK Army Air CorpsLynx AH7ZE376
2006-sep-10 LandespolizeiMD902 ExplorerD-HPNA
2006-sep-10 HU Magyar Légieromi-24p335
2006-sep-10 Heeresfliegermi-24p96+49
2006-sep-10 HU Magyar LégieroMi-24V Hind718
2006-sep-10 FI MaavoimatMi-8PSHS-6
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerMi-8PS93+80
2006-sep-10 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbHNH90 TTH98+93
2006-sep-10 BE MarineSA316B Alouette IIIM-2
2006-sep-10 AT Österreichische LuftstreitkräfteSA316B Alouette III3E-KX
2006-sep-10 BundespolizeiSA318C Alouette IID-HAGI
2006-sep-10 UK Royal Air ForceSA330H PumaZJ954
2006-sep-10 FR Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreSA342L-1 Gazelle4210
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerSE3130 Alouette II75+51
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerSE3130 Alouette II76+92
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerSE3130 Alouette II75+55
2006-sep-10 MarinefliegerSea King Mk.4189+54
2006-sep-10 MarinefliegerSuper Lynx mk88a83+09
2006-sep-10 FR Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreTiger HAP2004
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerUH Tiger74+08
2006-sep-10 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbHUH Tiger98+12
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+27
2006-sep-10 LuftwaffeUH-1D71+01
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+79
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+80
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerUH-1D71+82
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+10
2006-sep-10 LuftwaffeUH-1D98+98
2006-sep-10 UH-1D7268
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerUH-1D71+98
2006-sep-10 US US Army AviationUH-60A Black Hawk88-26019
2006-sep-10 HeeresfliegerV44B83+32
2012-jun-01 CH-53G8411
2012-oct-11 EC135T182+57
2013-jan homebaseHeeresfliegerEC135T182+53
2013-jan homebaseHeeresfliegerEC135T182+56
2013-jan homebaseHeeresfliegerEC135T182+59
2013-jan homebaseHeeresfliegerEC135T182+63
2013-jan homebaseHeeresfliegerEC135T182+64
2013-jan homebaseHeeresfliegerNH90 TTH78+09
2014-mar-20 NH90 TTH78+21
2014-apr-24 NH90 TTH78+20

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