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  • Sikorsky HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat

    This model is a version of S-58 H-34

    c/n 58-1057

    Helicopter Sikorsky HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat Serial 58-1057 Register N87716 145710 used by LASD (Los Angeles County Sheriff Department) ,US Air Force USAF ,US Navy USN (United States Naval Aviation). Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Navy

    1962-10Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1057, ff?
    del USN as HSS-1N, 145710 unk
    redesig UH-34J Oct62
    wfu & stor MASDC as HD???? unk
    rts as HH-34J unk
    del USAFR, 304th ARS, Jun71
    xfer 301 ARS, unk
    wfu & stor MASDC as HD0180 Feb 4, 1974
    xfer L.A. Sheriff as N87716.
    usa US Air Force

    Sikorsky HH-34J Choctaw USAF, ex USN 145710
    1971 304th ARS
    to 301st ARS 301st RQS


    usa State of California

    LASD LA County Sheriffs 1996
    ex 145710 LASD

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