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    usa US Air Force

    Del'd: 32 - 1971 to 1974

    US Air Force S-58 H-34

    The Air Force variant of the Sikorsky S-58 were ex US Navy SH-34J Seabat airframes taken from storage and stripped of their anti-submarine warfare (ASW) equipment to served in the Air Force Reserve (AFRES) as a transitional aircraft between the retirement of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross amphibian and a new Search and Rescue helicopter. They were redesignated HH-34J and served with 301,302 and 304 ARRS between June 1971 and June 1974

    145710 is seen here on the 304th ARRS ramp at Portland Intl Aprt, OR. It was later transferred to the 301st ARRS at Homestead AFB, FL. It was one of three that HQ AFRes had reassigned between units as their operational and maintence capabilities rose. Following use by AFRes it was transferred to the LA County Sheriffs Office for their search and rescue mission. While the ASW equipment was removed the autopilot feature was retained, making it a very stable platform for hoist delivery and recovery work.

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1971/74301st RQSHomestead AFB
    1971/74302nd SOSLuke AFB
    1971/74304 RQSPortland International Airport

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    58-36 hss-1 1955     138485: hh-34j USAF 1971
    US Navy 138485: Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-36, ff?; del US Navy as HSS-1, 1+
    58-451 hss-1 1957     143865: hh-34j USAF, 06Jan71?; sos 23Apr79, tt 4813.5 hrs; to N587HS
    US Navy 143865: Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-451, ff?; del US Navy as HSS-1 1+

    - N587HS: Helicopter Services 21Nov86; reported stored at Chino C+
    58-563 hss-1 1957     143885: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 143885; 1971 304th ARS
    US Navy 143885: Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-563, ff?; del USN as 143885, 25J+

    - HD189: xfer Moore Aviaiton as HD189, unk; xfer Thailand as HS-+
    58-620 hss-1 1957     143901: xfer USAF inventory, 22Apr70; xfer NAS Pensacola, FL, 18Sep7+
    US Navy 143901: Sikorsky HSS-1, cn 58-620, ff:?; del USN as HSS-1, 1439+

    South Vietnam Air Force (1955-1975) 143901: xfer VNAF as UH-34G, 143901, 10Dec70;

    - N586FR: rtnd to USA, unk; sold Kermit H. Parker as S-58, N586FR+
    58-621 hss-1 1957     143902: xfer USAF as UH-34G, 143902 for MAP, 14Jul69; soc 20Feb70
    US Navy 143902: Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-621, ff?; del USN as 143902, 12A+

    South Vietnam Air Force (1955-1975) 143902: xfer VNAF as UH-34G, 143902, 20Feb70; w/o 09Oct71.; [Al+
    58-706 hss-1 1958     143936: hh-34j USAF 1971-1974; 304th ARS
    US Navy 143936: Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-706, ff?; del USN as HSS-1, 1439+

    State of Maryland N62292: Maryland State Police by Jan76

    State of California N62292: Rogers Helicopters by Jan85

    - N62292: Gerald Hail, DBA Dobies Heliport, 01Sep89; Michael H S+

    Oklahoma Utility Helicopters Llc at Mustang, OK from Ap+
    58-915 hss-1n     145678: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 145678; 1971 302nd ARS
    US Navy 145678: del USN as HSS-1N, 145678, unk; redesig UH-34J, Oct62; +
    58-992 hss-1n     145693: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 145693; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 145693: del USN as HSS-1N, 145693, unk; redesig UH-34J, Oct62; +
    58-1050 hss-1n 1959     145707: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 145707; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 145707: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1050, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 1+

    - TI-SPI: conv S-58ET, unk; del MAP to Costa Rica Ministry of Sec+
    58-1057 hss-1n     145710: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 145710; 1971 304th ARS; to 301st ARS
    US Navy 145710: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1057, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 1+

    State of California N87716: LASD LA County Sheriffs 1996; ex 145710
    58-1246 hss-1n     147999: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 147999; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 147999: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1246, ff?; del USN as 147999, u+
    58-1266 hss-1n     148008: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148008; 1971 304th ARS
    US Navy 148008: del USN as HSS-1N, 148008, unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; +
    58-1271 hss-1n     148013: hh-34j redesig HH-34J, unk; xfer 304th ARS, Portland, OR, Jun71; em+
    US Navy 148013: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1271, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 1+

    Feb62 pictured as HS-7 Big Dipper /AV-57 off NAS Norfol+
    58-1272 hss-1n     148014: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148014; 1971 304th ARS; to 302nd ARS
    US Navy 148014: del USN as HSS-1N, 148014 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; w+

    - C-GMMR: Keystone Aerial Harvesting at Nakusp, BC 1980-1983; ni+

    Terr-Air Rotary from Jan83; pictured at Langley Regio+
    58-1278 hss-1n     148019: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148019; 1971 302nd ARS
    US Navy 148019: del USN as HSS-1N, 148019 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; w+
    58-1280 hss-1n     148021: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148021; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 148021: del USN as HSS-1N, 148021 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; w+
    58-1286 hss-1n     148023: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148023; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 148023: del USN as HSS-1N, 148023 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; w+
    58-1290 hss-1n 1960     148027: hh-34j USAF as HH-34J 1971; xfer AFRES, 304th ARS, Portland IAP, 19+
    US Navy 148027: Sikorsky S-58/HSS-1, cn58-1290, ff Dec60; del US Navy a+
    58-1291 hss-1n     148028: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148028; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 148028: del USN as HSS-1N, 148028 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; w+
    58-1297 hss-1n     148029: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148029; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 148029: del USN as HSS-1N, 148029 unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; w+
    58-1301 hss-1n     148934: hh-34j conv HH-34J, 1971; asgd USAFR, 304th ARRS, 1971; wfu & xfer +
    US Navy 148934: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1301, ff?; del USN as HSS-1N, 1+

    - N87934: to Environmental Protection Agency as N87934, 1974; xfe+
    58-1311 hss-1n     148936: hh-34j USAF as HH-34J, 148936, Jun1971; xfer AFRES, 304th ARS, Port+
    US Navy 148936: Sikorsky S-58/HSS-1N, c/n 58-1311, ff?; del US Navy as +

    - N90768: Preserved at World Aircraft Museum, Mercer APT, GA.
    58-1313 hss-1n     148938: hh-34j rts & xfer NARF Pensacola, FL, 22APR71; redesig HH-34J, unk;+
    US Navy 148938: del USN as HSS-1N, 148938 unk; redesig SH-34J unk; wfu +
    58-1325 hss-1n     148941: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148941; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 148941: del USN as HSS-1N, unk; redesig SH-34J Oct62; wfu & sto+
    58-1326 hss-1n     148942: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148942; 1971-1974 302nd ARS
    US Navy 148942: USN HSS-1N, redesig SH-34J Oct62; to MASDC as 3H???? u+

    - N942HH: Apr85-Apr11; canc

    - 148942: 26jun15 pictured in paintball park, Bothwell, Manitoba,+
    58-1327 hss-1n 1961     148943: hh-34j del USN as HSS-1N, 148943 13May61; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; so+
    US Navy 148943: USN; to USAF as HH-34J; preserved AFB Hill as 9-8943
    58-1334 hss-1n     148944: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148944; 1971 301st ARS
    US Navy 148944: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1334, ff?; del USN as 148944, u+
    58-1338 hss-1n     148948: USAF 1971
    US Navy 148948: Sikorsky S-58/HSS-1N, cn 58-1338D, ff?; del US Navy as +
    58-1343 hss-1n     148953: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148953; 1971 302nd ARS
    US Navy 148953: del USN as HSS-1N, unk; redesig SH-34J, Oct62; unit xfe+
    58-1353 hss-1n 1961     148957: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148957; 1971 302nd ARS
    US Navy 148957: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1353, ff?; del USN as 148957, 2+

    - TI-SPJ: conv S-58ET, unk; xfer MAP to Costa Rica Ministry of Se+
    58-1366 hss-1n     148963: hh-34j USAF, ex USN 148963; 1971 304th ARS
    US Navy 148963: Sikorsky S-58/HSS-1N, cn 58-1366, ff?; del US Navy as H+
    58-792 h-34a 1958     3H269: xfer USAF as 3H269, unk; expended as range target, Nellis AF+
    US Army Aviation 57-1686: del US ARMY as H-34A, 57-1686, 14Feb58; to H-34C by Jul+
    58-736 h-34a 1957     XJ121: xfer USAF, Holloman AFB, as XJ121, unk; expended as range ta+
    US Army Aviation 56-4328: del US ARMY as H-34A, 56-4328, 19Dec57; to CH-34C Oct62+
    58-308 h-34a 1956     XJ162: xfer Holloman AFB as XJ162/3H254, unk; expended as range tar+
    US Army Aviation 54-2905: del US ARMY as H-34A, 54-2905, 28Jun56; to CH-34C Jun64+
    58-542 hus-1 1957     60-6913: paper xfer to USAF as HH-34D, 60-6913, 16Apr61;
    US Marine Corps 144639: Sikorsky HUS-1 cn 58-542, ff:?; del USN as HUS-1, 14463+

    Air America H-V: xfer to Air America as H-V, 16Apr61.

    ex 144639

    South Vietnam Air Force (1955-1975) 144639: xfer Vietnam AF as 144639, 15Apr63; w/o 27Oct64.
    58-770 hus-1 1958     60-6923: xfer USAF as HH-34D, 60-6923, 20May61;
    US Marine Corps 145734: Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-770, ff:?; del USMC as HUS-1, 145+

    Air America H-W: xfer Air America as H-W, 25May61; w/o in Laos, 18Jun61.
    58-1390 hus-1     61-4489: Sikorsky HUS-1, c/n 58-1390, ff?; del US Navy as HUS-1, 1488+
    US Navy 148805: Sikorsky HUS-1, c/n 58-1390, ff?; del US Navy as HUS-1,+

    Air America H-Y: Sikorsky HUS-1, c/n 58-1390, ff?; del US Navy as HUS-1,+

    Air America H-48: Sikorsky HUS-1, c/n 58-1390, ff?; del US Navy as HUS-1,+
        No longer with this org.

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