Bell MV-22B Osprey

This model is a version of V-22 Osprey

c/n D0187

Helicopter Bell MV-22B Osprey Serial D0187 Register 168237 used by US Marine Corps. Aircraft history and location


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usa US Marine Corps

VMM-163 /YP-10 VMM-163
2013-02BROTM VMM-363 /YZ-06 VMM-363
2014-02-0606feb14 air refueling en route to Singapore Ospreys refuel in mid-air en route to Singapore
2014-02-07CWSAC VMM-262 /ET-06 demonstration flight at Changi Air Base, Singapore. VMM-262 U.S. ambassador to Singapore flies in Osprey
2014-07-20DRJCO as VMM-262 /ET-09 at Sapporo Air Show VMM-262 Marines showcase Osprey in Sapporo Air Show

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