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  • AgustaWestland AW139

    c/n 41339

    Year 2013

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 41339 Register G-CKYP VH-ZFO N433SH used by Bristow ,Bristow Australia AUSBU ,Bristow US. Built 2013. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 41339 Register G-CKYP VH-ZFO N433SH used by Bristow ,Bristow Australia AUSBU ,Bristow US. Built 2013. Aircraft history and location

    AgustaWestland AW139 BHL538   flight track ads-b

    AgustaWestland AW139 41339 flight track ads-b

    AgustaWestland AW139 BHL538   flight track ads-b


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    For N433SH see also:
        2008 II c/n 12118


    usa Bristow US

    2013-07Bristow US, canc Jul13


    australia Bristow Australia

    2013-07Bristow Australia Jul13-Oct18
    2015-03-31AYPKA - Dampier, Western Australia
    2015-04-06BYBWX - Barrow Island, Western Australia
    2015-04-10CYPLM - Learmonth, Western Australia
    2015-04-11AYPKA - Dampier, Western Australia
    2015-11-11DYEXM - Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia
    2015-12-20BYBWX - Barrow Island, Western Australia
    2016-03-29BYBWX - Barrow Island, Western Australia
    2016-06-05AYPKA - Dampier, Western Australia
    2016-10-22EYPPD - Port Hedland, Western Australia


    united kingdom Bristow


    2018-10Bristow from Oct18
    Still in Australia by 09nov18
    2018-12-12 CKYP Norwich, England
    2019-01-11 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2019-01-29FEGSH at Norwich, UK

    BHL538 Holt, England
    2019-02-14 BHL538 Sherringham, Offshore UK

    2019-02-27 BHL538 Royal Tunbridge Wells, England
    2019-02-28 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2019-04-04 BHL538 Block 48/17A, Lancelot Field, Offshore UK
    2019-06-19 BHL202A Sedgefield, England
    2019-06-23 BHL538 Happisburgh, Offshore UK
    2019-07-24 BHL538 Coltishall, England

    BHL538 Block 47/14, Amethyst Field, Offshore UK
    2019-08-25 Block 48/11, Pickerill Field, Offshore UK
    2019-09-25 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2019-10-25 BHL538 Happisburgh, Offshore UK
    2019-10-30 BHL538 Norwich, England

    2019-11-29 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2019-12-29 BHL538 Sherringham, Offshore UK
    2020-01-28 Norwich, England
    2020-02-28 Coltishall, England
    2020-03-30 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2020-04-29 Coltishall, England
    2020-05-16FEGSHNorwich, England
    BHL538 Norwich, England
    2020-06-16 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2020-07-16 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2020-08-15 Block 49/26, Leman Bank Field, Offshore UK
    2020-09-17 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2020-10-18 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2020-11-17 BHL538 Coltishall, England
    2020-12-17 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2021-01-17 Norwich, England
    2021-02-11 BHL538 , Offshore UK
    2021-03-24 BHL201B Aberdeen, Scotland
    2021-03-25 Alnwick, England
    BHL84A Norwich, England
    2021-04-26 Norwich, England
    2021-05-26 Norwich, England
    2021-06-25 Norwich, England
    2021-07-26 Coltishall, England
    2021-08-25 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2021-09-24 BHL84A Norwich, England
    2021-10-24 Norwich, England
    2021-11-23 Block 49/26, Leman Bank Field, Offshore UK
    2021-12-23 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2022-01-22 Norwich, England
    2022-02-21 Norwich, England
    2022-03-26 Block 49/11, Audrey Field, Offshore UK
    2022-04-25 BHL538 Block 42/13, Breagh Field, Offshore UK
    Norwich, England
    2022-06-07 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2022-07-12 BHL538 Norwich, England
    2022-08-13 BHL538 Sherringham, Offshore UK
    2022-09-13 BHL538 Wells-next-the-Sea, Offshore UK
    2022-11-29 B84A Wymondham, England
    2022-12-29 BHL538 Wells-next-the-Sea, Offshore UK
    2023-01-28 BHL538 Cromer, England
    2023-02-27 BHL538 Sherringham, Offshore UK
    2023-03-30 BHL84A Seething, England
    2023-04-30 BHL538 Cromer, Offshore UK
    2023-05-30 BHL538 Coltishall, England

    Call sign for this aircraft: B84A BHL201B BHL202A BHL538 BHL84A BHL84B BHL84C BHL94E BHLL538 CKYP FHL524 3

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