MBB Bk117A-3

This model is a version of Bk117

c/n 7096

Helicopter MBB Bk117A-3 Serial 7096 Register D-HILF N118MB PT-HJM used by DRF Luftrettung (German air rescue) Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (Eurocopter Germany) American Eurocopter (Eurocopter USA). Aircraft history


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usa N118MB
American Eurocopter
American Eurocopter Jul/Oct 1992, test serial D-HBPQ
HeliJet Aerotaxi Ltda Oct92-Jun01
germany D-HILF
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
For D-HILF see also:
        105a c/n S-5
        105a c/n S-17
    1985 as350b c/n 1866
    1991 105cbs-4 c/n S-868
Eurocopter Germany Nov00, conv to 117B-3
germany D-HILF
DRF Luftrettung
DRF Luftrettung from Jan01

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