MBB bk117



List of Operators of MBB BK117A-3

From Organisation with model BK117A-3
germany MBB
    bk117 331 1979/92
germany ADAC Luftrettung GmbH
    bk117 16 1983/   
spain Guardia Civil
    bk117 9 1983/   
germany DRF Luftrettung
    bk117 1984/   
germany Landespolizei
    bk117 1987/   
canada Canadian Armed Forces
    bk117 1 1991/92
usa American Eurocopter
    bk117 4 1993/98
south africa Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
    bk117 9 1994/   
peru Policia Nacional del Peru
    bk117 5 1998/   

canada Canadian Ambulance Services
usa State of North Carolina
Construction Numbers on database of BK117A-3


Construction Numbers

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7009 1983 DE D-HBKK : bk117a1 MBB Rescue Demonstrator mar87, BK.117A-3 type, all red +
DE D-HBKK : bk117b2 ADAC; Jan10 type:B-2 Christoph Murnau
Oct11 type:B-2 Christoph 22
21jun16 at Christoph 62 Bautzen
7022 1983 DE D-HBKX : bk117a1 MBB toward N39281
US N39281 : MBB corp.(not confirmed) ex D-HBKX toward N117UV
US N117UV medical helicopter : PEGASUS ex N39281 toward EC-EZT to dec90
ES EC-EZT : Helicsa from 1991 to 2003 ex N117UV toward D-HTIB
DE D-HTIB Elbe Helicopters : bk117b2 Elbe Helicopters ex EC-EZT from 2003 to 2006?, toward n+
7028 1983 DE D-HBMC : bk117a1 MBB, to N3926D
US N3926D : to C-GALI
CA C-GALI : Alc Airlift, A-3D Type, canc Sep87
CH HB-XSG : Rüdisühli Helitransport Oct87-Mar99
DE D-HHTA : Heli Transair, noted May01
CA C-GCPH : bk117b2 Stars Aviation Canada from Nov01, B-2D type
CA C-GCPH : STARS from May11
7049 DE D-HBMX : MBB toward VDF-010
VDF-010 Venda Defence Force : VDF ex D-HBMX toward 380
ZA 380 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBMX
7061 US N950MB : MBB, test serial D-HBNI
US N117CH : to N312LS
US N312LS : to N504LH
US N504LH : to N143AM
US N143AM : Omniflight Helicopters Feb08-Apr14
NZ ZK-IVB : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2
NZ ZK-IVB : Garden City Helicopters at Christchurch airport from No+
7063 US N163BK : BK117-850D2 Air Methods, test serial D-HBNK; conv to A-4; conv to+
7066 ZA ZS-HRJ Transkei Defence Force : TDF toward 383
ZA 383 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex ZS-HRJ. w/o mar03
7070 US N952MB : test serial D-HBNR
US N211AE : to N311LF
US N311LF : to N711FC
US N711FC : Omniflight Helicopters Apr02-Mar14
US N711FC : St. Mary s FlightCare 2000s, op by Omniflight
? : New Zealand unk from Mar14
7073 1986 DE D-HBNU : MBB toward C-GJLE
CA C-GJLE : MBB Canada (not confirmed) ex D-HBNU toward N12851
US N12851 : American Eurocopter Dec93-Feb94 ex C-GJLE toward CC-CSW
CL CC-CSW : ex N12851 toward PT-HZM
BR PT-HZM : ex CC-CSW toward XA-TRF
MX XA-TRF : ex PT-HZM toward D-HSMA
DE D-HSMA : ADAC; Mar05 type:B2 at Bonn-Hangelar for overhaul
Aug07 type:B2 Christoph Leipzig
Dec07 type:B2 Christoph Leipzig
7074 1986 DE D-HBNV : bk117a4 cnvt. to type BK117A-4
ES EC-EVT : Generalitat de Catalunya type BK117A-4; Bomberos 03 Jul+
DE D-HDPS : bk117b2 ADAC type BK117B-2; Aug04 Christoph 6; May09 Christoph +
BK117-850D2 Jul16 conv to Bk117-850D2
7075 DE D-HBNW : MBB toward VDF-020
VDF-020 Venda Defence Force : VDF ex D-HBNW toward 381
ZA 381 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBNW
7076 ZA ZS-HRR Transkei Defence Force : TFD toward 382
ZA 382 : SAAF. ex ZS-HRR
7077 1986 US N420MB : MBB, test serial D-HBNY; N117SF ntu
US N420MB : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO from Dec0+
US N420MB : Christiana Care Health System; LifeNet Delaware /64, no+
7079 ZA ZS-HSD : Police, test serial D-HBKG, N423MB ntu; conv to B1 typ+
7080 DE D-HMUM : ADAC Luftrettung from 1999, conv to A-4, B-2 types 2013+
7082 1986 US N424MB : MBB, test serial D-HBPC
US N424MB : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Dec01-Dec1+
CO HK-5015 : Colombia from 2014, 117A-4 type
7085 CA C-GOFJ : Ministry of Natural Resources Province of Ontario (OMNR+
CA C-GOFJ : Eurocopter Canada May 1995
US N117FF : American Eurocopter May95-Mar98, A-4 type
DE D-HMBC : Eurocopter Germany Jun97-Mar98
PE PNP-123 : Peru National Police Mar98
7086 US N9745N : MBB USA, test serial D-HBPG
MX XA-ZZG : Pegaso, to N1174U
US N587MC : Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) from Mar00; B+
7087 ES HU.22-06 : 09-231. ex EC-EEY
7094 1986 DE D-HBPO : MBB, to N522MB
US N114AE : canc Nov92
DE D-HDRF : bk117b2 DRF Luftrettung, B2 type; Aug13 pictured at homebase Ch+
7095 1985 US N116MB : ERA Med 2007-2012
NZ ZK-HQD : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ at Papakura d/d Aug12, conv to 850D2
7096 US N118MB : American Eurocopter Jul/Oct 1992, test serial D-HBPQ
BR PT-HJM : HeliJet Aerotaxi Ltda Oct92-Jun01
DE D-HILF : Eurocopter Germany Nov00, conv to 117B-3
DE D-HILF : DRF Luftrettung from Jan01
7098 1986 US N524MB : MBB, test serial D-HBPS
US N117UC : USA, to N911MZ
US N911MZ : Omniflight Helicopters
US N911MZ : Air Methods from Mar15, Bk117A4 type
US N911MZ : LifeStar Georgia Air Ambulance as /LifeStar1; Apr15 h+
US N911MZ : Dec17-Feb18, sold Eurocopter BK-117A-4 1986; Heater / A+
7099 US N911BK : Rockford Memorial Hospital EMS, ex N525MB, N540H; w/o 1+
7100 DE D-HMUZ : ADAC Luftrettung from Jun97, conv to A-4 and B-2 types
BK117-850D2 conv to Bk117-850D2
ZA ZT-RZR : HALO 1 Rescue Helicopter at Lanseria International Airp+
7102 US N526MB : ERA Med, canc May12
NZ ZK-HQJ : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ from Sep12
CA C-GBKD : Great Slave Helicopters from Jul14
7103 1986 US N527MB : Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX from Jul98
US N527MB : MedFlightOhio
7105 1986 DE D-HMUF : Polizei Bayern Feb87-May97, test serial D-HBPZ
DE D-HMUF : Eurocopter Germany Mar98, conv to A-4
DE D-HMUF : DRF Luftrettung Jul99-Dec12, conv to B2 type
NZ ? : BK117-850D2 noted as 850D2 type by Jul13
CA C-GGSA : Great Slave Helicopters from Jan13
7106 1986 DE D-HBCA : MBB, to C-FIOM
CA C-FIOM MBB Helicopter Canada : Jul90-Jan91, conv to A3D type
CA 143106 : Canada Armed forces CH-143 serial 143106 test program; +
CA C-FIOM : Eurocopter Canada Apr/May 1992
SE SE-JBK : Heliflyg HEMS A4D type May92-Apr93
CA C-FIOM : Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jun 1993
CA C-FIOM : STARS from Jun93
7107 1986 US N529MB : MBB Corp, test serial D-HBCB
US N117MA : Life Flight; EastCare (Vidant Health) NC op by Rocky Mo+
US N137HH : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Mar01-Oct1+
US N137HH : Hartford Hospital at Hartford, CT; LIFE STAR ambulance +
US N137HH : PennStar /4, noted Jun10; canc
7113 1986 US N628MB : MBB Corp, to N117LS, test serial D-HBCH
US N117LS : Trevor Corp from Jul08, 117A-4 type
US N508TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from Jan11
7115 1987 US N90184 : MBB Corp, test serial D-HBCJ
US N202HN : HealthNet ?
US N118NY : Stat Flight, Westchester Medical Center, NY , noted Apr+
US N118NY : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Jun99-Nov+
7116 ES HU.22-07 : 09-232. ex EC-EFA
20may97 pictured at Torrejon
7117 ZA ZS-HRV : toward T250
T250 Bophutatswana Defence Force : BDF ex ZS-HRV toward 387
ZA 387 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex ZS-HRV
2014 appear in Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines movie
7118 ZA ZS-HRW : toward T260
T260 Bophuthatswana Defence Force : BDF ex ZS-HRW toward 388
ZA 388 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex T260
7119 ES HU.22-08 : 09-233. ex EC-EFB
7121 ES HU.22-09 : 09-234. ex EC-EFD
37 C/N.

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