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  • Eurocopter EC135P2+

    This model is a version of EC135

    c/n 1073

    Year 2012

    Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2+ Serial 1073 Register N558MT used by Erlanger Health System (Life Force) ,TVPX ,KMF (Keystone Med-Flight) ,Med Trans Corp ,American Eurocopter (Eurocopter USA). Built 2012. Aircraft history and location


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    usa American Eurocopter

    2012-08American Eurocopter Aug12
    usa Med Trans Corp

    2013-02Med Trans from Feb13
    usa State of Pennsylvania

    Keystone Med-Flight / MidAtlantic MedEvac op by Med Trans, noted Jul15 KMF
    2015-07-01AP72 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    2016-03-10BKROA - Roanoke, Virginia
    2016-08-03CKSHD - Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg, Virginia
    2016-09-23DKSBY - Salisbury, Maryland
    2016-10-20EKBLF - Bluefield, West Virginia
    2016-10-27FFPY - Perry, Florida
    2016-12-02GKSGJ - St. Augustine, Florida
    usa TVPX

    2017-03TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake, UT from Mar17
    usa State of Tennessee

    2017-07-24HKRHPLife Force / Erlanger from Jul17 op by Med Trans at Western Carolina Regional, NC Erlanger Health System Med Trans H135 is Life Force 6th Helicopter
    2019-02-06 Marietta, Georgia
    2019-02-13 Hendersonville, North Carolina
    2019-03-18 Andrews, North Carolina
    2019-04-17 Andrews, North Carolina
    2019-05-24 Atlanta, Georgia
    2019-06-23 Andrews, North Carolina
    2019-07-24 Sevierville, Tennessee
    2019-08-30 Atlanta, Georgia
    2019-09-03 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2019-10-04 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2019-10-08 Smyrna, Tennessee
    2019-10-09 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2019-11-09 Hickory, North Carolina
    2019-11-13 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2019-11-26 Atlanta, Georgia
    2019-12-18 Hendersonville, North Carolina
    2020-01-07 Atlanta, Georgia
    2020-01-16 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2020-02-15 Andrews, North Carolina
    2020-02-16 Smyrna, Tennessee
    Andrews, North Carolina
    2020-03-18 Andrews, North Carolina
    2020-04-17 Andrews, North Carolina
    2020-05-17 Andrews, North Carolina
    2020-06-14LIFEFORCE6HKRHPop by Med-Trans Erlanger Health System
    Atlanta, Georgia
    2020-07-15 Asheville, North Carolina
    2020-07-21 Nashville, Tennessee
    2020-07-22 Andrews, North Carolina
    2020-08-04 Smyrna, Tennessee
    2020-08-05 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2020-08-10 Atlanta, Georgia
    2020-08-16 Asheville, North Carolina
    2020-08-19 Lebanon, Tennessee
    2020-08-21 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2020-09-05 Atlanta, Georgia
    2020-09-24 Lebanon, Tennessee
    Andrews, North Carolina
    2020-10-24 Chattanooga, Tennessee
    2020-11-03 Asheville, North Carolina
    2020-11-10 Chattanooga, Tennessee
    2020-12-10 Blairsville, Georgia
    Nashville, Tennessee
    2020-12-11 Knoxville, Tennessee
    2020-12-23 Atlanta, Georgia
    2020-12-27 Asheville, North Carolina
    2020-12-30 Chattanooga, Tennessee
    2021-01-03 Asheville, North Carolina
    2021-01-06 Chattanooga, Tennessee
    2021-01-19 Greenville, South Carolina
    2021-01-23 Chickamauga, Georgia
    Rock Hill, South Carolina
    Andrews, North Carolina
    2021-02-22 Andrews, North Carolina
    2021-03-03 Blairsville, Georgia

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