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  • Aerospatiale SA365N Dauphin 2

    This model is a version of SA365 Dauphin 2

    c/n 6131

    Year 1984

    Helicopter Aerospatiale SA365N Dauphin 2 Serial 6131 Register D-HJUH G-BLEZ used by Heli-Flight GmbH Johanniter Luftrettung ,Rhein-Main (Christoph Rhein-Main (JL)) ,Hessen (Christoph Hessen (JL)) ,Giessen (Christoph Giessen (JL)) ,CHC Scotia ,Bond Aviation Group. Built 1984. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Bond Aviation Group


    1984-01AEGPDBond Helicopters Jan84-Jan01
    united kingdom CHC Scotia


    2001-01AEGPDCHC Jan01-Aug10


    germany Heli-Flight GmbH


    Heli-Flight Feb11-Dec18
    2011-07-02BEDFBnoted as Christoph Reichelsheim at Reichelsheim Johanniter Luftrettung
    2012-01-13CKEMAnoted at Greifswald Johanniter Luftrettung
    2012-03-15DUKPMnoted as Christoph Reichelsheim at UKH Marburg Johanniter Luftrettung
    2012-12-04EUKB Bonnnoted at UK Bonn Hessen
    2013-10-29FKBZnoted at Kreischa Rhein-Main
    2014-10-17GUKSnoted at UK Saarland Giessen
    2015-05-24HUNIKnoted as Christoph Mittlehessen at UK Cologne Johanniter Luftrettung
    2015-07-18IUKRKHnoted as Christoph Mittlehessen at Heildelberg ground level pad Johanniter Luftrettung
    2015-10-10JKSR1noted as Christoph Rostock at Sudstadt Rostock Johanniter Luftrettung
    2016-08-27KEDLMnoted at Marl Johanniter Luftrettung
    2018-12BEDFBwfu at Reichelshiem and reg cancelled Johanniter Luftrettung

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