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  • united kingdom AAC Netheravon

    Netheravon, Wiltshire, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of AAC Netheravon with nearby locations

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    5.2345EGDJ Upavon, England
    6.1166 Bulford Camp, England
    6.2067 N of Tidworth, England
    7.6178 Solstice Park, England
    10.1154 Newton Tony, England
    10.5176EGDM Boscombe Down, England

    1913 to 2012

    51° 14' 46.25'' N - 1° 45' 24.75'' W
    5 nm N of Amesbury, Wiltshire
    Elevation: 454 feet

    History of this Location

    Netheravon was the first operational Army flying base in the UK (Upavon was opened earlier, but it was a training base) and many of the original buildings, although improved, are still standing. During WWI it was a centre for despatch of aircraft to France. The first British military rotary wing trials were undertaken here in 1933. In WWII it was a centre for airborne forces and glider training but was transferred after the war to RAF Transport Command. Flying ran down and the RAF Police used it as a training centre until 1960, when the airfield was closed.
    As well as the School of Infantry's Support Weapons Wing (SWW) and the Parachute Training which remained, the new impetus given to Army flying by the creation of the Army Air Corps in 1957, 651 Squadron moved in during 1964 and expansion at Middle Wallop was concentrating on the need for training and the operational flying HQ moved to Netheravon in 1966.  7 Regt AAC HQ formed here in 1969, whilst 666 and 658 Squadrons moved here in 1986 and 1995 respectively. The SWW closed in 1995 and moved to Warminster.

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    List of units at AAC Netheravon

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    20093 FltSA341B Gazelle AH.1 1993/09
    1995/09658 Squadron
    1986/09666 Squadron (Volunteers)SA341B Gazelle AH.1 1994/09
    Scout 1986/94
    Sioux ??/78
    1982/93656 SquadronLynx 1985/04
    SA341B Gazelle AH.1 1975/05
    1969/77663 SquadronSA341B Gazelle AH.1 ??/05
    1969/77653 Squadron
    1966/846 Flt

    List of aircraft and events at AAC Netheravon

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    By Date | By Serial

    1975-mar G I AirframeMinistry of Defence (MoD) HAS7 XK906
    1979-sep AAC AH.1 XX403
    1979-sep AAC AH.1 XX393
    1982-apr-16 ReplacementAAC AH.1 XT637
    1982-jul-15 AAC AH.1 XV140
    1983-oct 656 SquadronAAC AH1 XZ663
    1983-oct-02 656 SquadronAAC AH1 ZD274
    1983-oct-02 656 SquadronAAC AH1 ZD275
    1983-oct-02 656 SquadronAAC AH1 ZD273
    1983-nov 656 SquadronAAC AH1 XZ221
    1983-nov 656 SquadronAAC AH1 XZ613
    1990-apr Gate GuardianAAC AB47G-3B XT150
    1997-apr-03 AccidentAAC AH.1 XP849
    2005-jul AAC AB47G-3B XT150
    2005-jul 658 Squadron /Y AH.1 XZ344
    2005-jul 658 Squadron AH.1 XX445
    2005-jul 666 Squadron (Volunteers) AH.1 XW908
    2005-jul 658 Squadron AH.1 XX462
    2005-jul 658 Squadron AH.1 XZ294
    2005-jul 658 Squadron AH.1 XZ316
    2005-jul 666 Squadron (Volunteers) AH.1 XZ323
    2005-jul 666 Squadron (Volunteers) AH.1 ZA773
    2005-jul AAC AH.1 XV136
    2010-feb-10 CH-47D ZD575 / DC
    2010-jul-21 HC.4 ZF118 / O
    2011-jan-20 RAF MH-47E ZH902
    2011-jan-28 HC.4 ZA291 / N
    2011-feb-03 RAF HC.3 ZJ118 / B
    2011-feb-03 WAH-64 ZJ232
    2011-aug-09 AH1 XZ654
    2011-aug-09 AH1 XZ184 / Z
    2011-aug-09 HC.3 ZJ124 / H
    2011-aug-09 HC.3 ZJ130 / O
    2011-aug-09 SA330E XW212
    2011-aug-09 SA330E XW226
    2011-aug-09 WAH-64 ZJ168
    2011-aug-09 WAH-64 ZJ169
    2011-aug-19 CH-47D ZA714 / AV
    2011-aug-19 RNLAF CH-47D D-103
    2011-aug-19 CH-47D D-663
    2011-aug-19 WAH-64 ZJ212
    2012-feb-19 AH7 ZF537
    2012-feb-19 CH-47D ZA714 / AV
    2012-feb-19 CH-47D ZH777
    2012-feb-19 SA330E XW219
    2012-feb-19 WAH-64 ZJ169
    2012-feb-26 RAF CH-47D ZA707 / AO
    2012-feb-26 RAF SA330E XW210
    2012-mar-06 MK512 ZJ994 / AC
    2012-mar-07 212 ZJ969 / K
    2012-mar-07 HC.3 ZJ124 / H
    2012-mar-07 WAH-64 ZJ188
    2012-mar-10 RAF CH-47D ZH895 / HJ
    2013-sep-01 AAC WAH-64 ZJ185
    2013-sep-01 AAC WAH-64 ZJ197
    2013-sep-01 AAC WAH-64 ZJ226

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