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  • united kingdom London Luton

    Luton, Bedfordshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Luton with nearby locations

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    8.0288 Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, England
    11.2083 MBDA Stevenage helipad, England
    14.8013 Lower Stondon, England
    16.4201 Belswains, England
    16.4015EGWE RAF Henlow, England
    16.5118EGLG Panshanger, England

    1938 to present

    51° 52' 28.56'' N - 0° 22' 6.42'' W
    E of Luton
    Elevation: 526 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Luton

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    By Date | By Serial

    1971-jun RN HAS7 XK907
    1975-apr HAR3 G-BDBZ
    1979 WreckWestland SA341G G-BBSI
    1980-apr-12 R22 N9021N
    1989-sep SA360 G-BRMP
    1999-aug A109E G-HPWH
    2003-sep-08 EC135T1 G-CPSH
    2003-oct-25 AW109E G-JMXA
    2004-jan-18 HAR.3A ZH543 / X
    2004-feb-19 222 G-NOIR
    2004-mar-21 EC135T1 G-CHSU
    2004-jun-13 EC135T1 G-CPSH
    2005-jan-14 EC135T1 G-CPSH
    2006-apr-17 EC155B LX-HEC
    2006-sep-10 S-76B G-VONB
    2007-feb-01 AW109E G-TYCN
    2007-apr-19 S-76C G-FULM
    2007-oct-04 SA365N2 G-LCPL
    2007-oct-21 AS365N2 VP-BUL
    2007-nov-02 AW109E G-TYCN
    2007-nov-03 AW109S G-CDWY
    2008-nov-07 Air Harrods Ltd AW109S G-FUFU
    2009-mar-24 S-76C G-WIWI
    2009-mar-24 S-92 N908W
    2009-sep-26 EC155B1 M-LNDN
    2010-may-24 EC135T2+ G-RWLA
    2011-oct-22 S-76C M-AKAR
    2011-nov-16 S-76B G-VONB / 25
    2011-nov-27 S-76C G-URSA
    2014-feb-15 Starspeed Ltd 429 G-ODSA
    2014-mar-19 Air Harrods Ltd AW109S G-FUFU
    2015-mar-02 S-76C M-AKAR
    2015-jun-09 S-76C G-HARA
    2016-jul-10 AW109SP G-MUZZ

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