norway Statfjord Alpha platform

Block 33/9, Statfjord field, Offshore Norway


Oil and Gas Energy Industry

Satellite and aerial maps of Statfjord A platform with nearby locations

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13.8279DX Dunlin A platform, Offshore UK
16.7338MT Murchison platform, Offshore UK
20.0116ENGA Gullfaks A platform, Offshore Norway
23.3199 Brent B platform, Offshore UK
25.7197 Brent A platform, Offshore UK
26.5035ENSE Snorre A platform, Offshore Norway

1979 to present

61° 15' 19.01'' N - 1° 51' 8.00'' E
Northern North Sea
Elevation: 232 feet

History of this Location

Equinor will begin plugging the Statfjord A wells during 2019 with a plan to cease production by 2022. Statfjord B (installed 1982) and Statfjord C (1984) should both remain in service until 2025.

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Statfjord A platform News

Statfjord A Oil Rig Evacuated After Collision, 08-Jun-19 : #oilandgas CHC helicopters evacuated 276 people from the Statfjord A oil rig in the North Sea after collision by the platform supply vessel (PSV) SjĂžborg during loading operations

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