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  • united kingdom Arbroath

    Arbroath, North East Scotland, Scotland

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of RM Condor with nearby locations

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    19.1031 Montrose, Scotland
    19.5030 Montrose North, Scotland
    21.7138 Bell Rock / Inchcape, Offshore UK
    22.4228 Spears Hill, Scotland
    27.8213EGQL RAF Leuchars, Scotland
    28.8240EGPN Dundee, Scotland

    1940 to present

    56° 34' 55'' N - 2° 37' 10'' W
    2 nm NW of Arbroath
    Elevation: 160 feet

    History of this Location

    Opened in 1938, it was commissioned as HMS Condor in Jun 1940, to train naval aviators in deck landings. The site included the Air Engineering School (AES), which moved, with some of its instructional airframes, to Lee-on-Solent around Aug 1970.

    The Navy handed the site over to the Royal Marines as RM Condor in 1971. 45 CDO and a battery of 29 CDO RA have their base here.

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    List of aircraft and events at RM Condor

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    By Date | By Serial

    1955-apr G I AirframeRN HR.3 WN495
    1958-jan G I AirframeRN HAR.1 XA871
    1958-jun G I AirframeRN HR.3 WH990
    1959-jul-09 G I AirframeRN HAR3 XJ397
    1959-aug-14 G I AirframeRN HAS7 XM663
    1959-sep G I AirframeRN HAR3 XG584
    1960-sep-26 G I AirframeRN HAS7 XK933
    1961-jul G I AirframeWestland HSS-1 XL722
    1962 G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XM835
    1967-mar G I AirframeRN HAR3 XG577
    1967-sep G I AirframeRN HAR3 XJ399
    1968-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XK911
    1968-jul G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP155
    1969-may G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XM920
    1969-may-17 AccidentRN HU.5 XT774
    1970-feb G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN308
    1970-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN259
    1980 3 CBAS3 CBAS AH.1 XX411
    1983 DumpRN HAS.2 XZ915

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