usa NAS Alameda

Alameda, California

Satellite and aerial maps of NAS Alameda / Nimitz Field / Benton Field with nearby locations

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1.7123 Oakland Harbor, California
2.1135 USS Hornet Museum, California
4.4 65CL41 Oakland Convention Center Heliport, California
6.1245 Bethlehem San Francisco, California
7.2 397CL1 Children's Hospital Oakland Heliport, California
8.0212 San Francisco Naval Shipyard, California

1940 to 1997

37° 47' 9.95'' N - 122° 19' 8.40'' W
San Francisco Bay, California
Elevation: 14 feet

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List of units at NAS Alameda / Nimitz Field / Benton Field

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1989/94HM-19MH-53E Sea Dragon 1989/94
RH-53D 1989/94
1987/96HM-15MH-53E Sea Dragon 1987/   
1970/93HS-85S-61 H-3 1970/84
1961/80HMH-769S-65 H-53 1971/80
S-58 H-34 1959/71

List of aircraft and events at NAS Alameda / Nimitz Field / Benton Field

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1991-oct-03 US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon162516
1991-oct-03 US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon162507

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