usa Bethlehem San Francisco

San Francisco, California

Satellite and aerial maps of Bethlehem San Francisco with nearby locations

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4.3163 San Francisco Naval Shipyard, California
6.1 65KNGZ NAS Alameda / Nimitz Field / Benton Field, California
7.1 81 USS Hornet Museum, California
7.1 76 Oakland Harbor, California
10.5 65CL41 Oakland Convention Center Heliport, California
13.0 517CL1 Children's Hospital Oakland Heliport, California

37 45 47 secs N - 122 22 56 secs W

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List of ships built at Bethlehem San Francisco

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1943Destroyer Fletcher class
1944Destroyer Allen M. Sumner class
1947Destroyer Gearing class
1957Frigate Dealey class
1960Guided-Missile Destroyer Coontz class
1963Guided-Missile Cruiser Leahy class
1964Frigate Garcia class
1967Guided-Missile Cruiser Belknap class

1942-dec-5US DD-532 USS Heermann Fletcher class
1943-apr-4US DD-537 USS The Sullivans Fletcher class
1944-feb-6US DD-770 USS Lowry Allen M. Sumner class
1944-apr-23US DD-758 USS Strong Allen M. Sumner class
1944-oct-1US DD-776 USS James C. Owens Allen M. Sumner class
1945-mar-11US DD-761 USS Buck Allen M. Sumner class
1946-jun-24US DD-765 USS Keppler Gearing class
1957-jun-7US DE-1025 USS Bauer Dealey class
1957-aug-1US DE-1026 USS Hooper Dealey class
1959-oct-7US DDG-42 USS Mahan Coontz class
1962-jan-15US CG-23 USS Halsey Leahy class
1963-oct-31US FF-1040 USS Garcia Garcia class
1964-mar-26US FF-1041 USS Bradley Garcia class
1964-oct-30US CG-30 USS Horne Belknap class

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