usa Bethlehem San Francisco

San Francisco, California

4.3163 San Francisco Naval Shipyard, California
6.1 65KNGZ NAS Alameda / Nimitz Field / Benton Field, California
7.1 81 USS Hornet Museum, California
14.9108KOAK Oakland, California
16.0177KSFO San Francisco, California
17.2318KJMC Commodore Center Heliport, California

37 45 47 secs N - 122 22 56 secs W

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1943Destroyer Fletcher class
1944Destroyer Allen M. Sumner class
1947Destroyer Gearing class
1957Frigate Dealey class
1960Guided-Missile Destroyer Coontz class
1963Guided-Missile Cruiser Leahy class
1964Frigate Garcia class
1967Guided-Missile Cruiser Belknap class

1942-dec-5US DD-532 USS Heermann Fletcher class
1943-apr-4US DD-537 USS The Sullivans Fletcher class
1944-feb-6US DD-770 USS Lowry Allen M. Sumner class
1944-apr-23US DD-758 USS Strong Allen M. Sumner class
1944-oct-1US DD-776 USS James C. Owens Allen M. Sumner class
1945-mar-11US DD-761 USS Buck Allen M. Sumner class
1946-jun-24US DD-765 USS Keppler Gearing class
1957-jun-7US DE-1025 USS Bauer Dealey class
1957-aug-1US DE-1026 USS Hooper Dealey class
1959-oct-7US DDG-42 USS Mahan Coontz class
1962-jan-15US CG-23 USS Halsey Leahy class
1963-oct-31US FF-1040 USS Garcia Garcia class
1964-mar-26US FF-1041 USS Bradley Garcia class
1964-oct-30US CG-30 USS Horne Belknap class

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