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  • usa San Francisco Naval Shipyard

    San Francisco, California



    Satellite and aerial maps of San Francisco Naval Shipyard with nearby locations

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    4.3343 Bethlehem San Francisco, California
    7.8047 USS Hornet Museum, California
    8.0032KNGZ NAS Alameda / Benton, California
    8.1044 Oakland Harbor, California
    10.2338 Pier 39, SF, California
    11.9182KSFO San Francisco, California

    1941 to 1974

    37° 43' 32.16'' N - 122° 22' 4.79'' W

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    List of ships built at San Francisco Naval Shipyard

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    Operations at San Francisco Naval Shipyard

    09-oct-9912-oct-99San Francisco Fleet Week 1999

    List of aircraft and events at San Francisco Naval Shipyard

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    By Date | By Serial

    1956-jul-20 USN Casablanca class LPH-6 USS Thetis Bay
    1961-nov-23 USN Kitty Hawk class CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk
    1999-oct-09 USS EssexUSMC AH-1W 165363
    1999-oct-09 USS EssexUSMC CH-46D 153952
    1999-oct-09 USS EssexUSMC CH-53E 161382
    1999-oct-09 1999-oct-12 Pier 35USN Arleigh Burke Flight I class DDG-62 USS Fitzgerald
    1999-oct-09 1999-oct-12 Pier 30/32USN Wasp class LHD-2 USS Essex
    1999-oct-09 1999-oct-12 Pier 35USN Harpers Ferry class LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor
    1999-oct-09 USS EssexUSMC UH-1N 158774
    1999-oct-09 1999-oct-12 Pier 45USCG Hamilton class WHEC-719 USCGC Boutwell
    2017-oct-06 2017-oct Fleet WeekCanadian Armed Forces City class FFH 338 HMCS Winnipeg

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