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    Bern, Bern


    List of aircraft and events at Bern Belp

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    By Date | By Serial

    1965-nov Heliswiss AB47G-3B HB-XBZ
    1966-apr-20 VisitingАэрофлот MI-6 CCCP-06174
    1967-jul-18 aztec sa AB206A HB-XCF
    1977-aug-31 105CB-2 D-HJET
    1981-jan-31 222 D-HCAD
    1982-apr-12 105CBS-2 HB-XGM
    1982-aug-18 H-34A HB-XDT
    1983-sep-03 SA316B V-262
    1983-sep-04 AS332C HB-XNE
    1998-aug-06 A109K2 HB-XWO
    2001-oct-03 214B HB-XVZ
    2002-jan-11 A109E HB-XQE
    2002-jan-11 A109K2 HB-XWO
    2002-jan-11 AS332M1 T-320
    2002-aug-08 K-MAX OE-XKM
    2002-aug-30 A109E D-HABM
    2002-sep-07 A109K2 HB-XWJ
    2003-feb-21 EC145 HB-ZRB
    2003-mar-13 MK43 069
    2003-apr-10 SA365N1 HB-XPE
    2003-may-04 EC135T1 D-HEDY
    2003-jun-11 A109K2 HB-XWA
    2003-jun-21 A109K2 HB-XWP
    2003-jul-11 A109E HB-XQE
    2003-aug-19 AB206B-2 HB-XSM
    2003-aug-19 AS532UL T-331
    2003-aug-25 A109K2 HB-XWK
    2003-aug-29 EC145 HB-ZRC
    2003-sep-01 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2003-sep-03 AS332M1 T-319
    2003-sep-19 AS332M T-311
    2003-sep-19 AS332M1 T-314
    2003-sep-19 AS332M1 T-321
    2003-sep-19 EC145 HB-ZRD
    2003-sep-19 SA316B V-240
    2003-oct-08 AS365N3 HB-XQS
    2003-dec-10 A109E HB-XQE
    2004-jan-24 AS365N3 HB-XQS
    2004-feb-05 AB206B-2 HB-XSM
    2004-feb-05 EC145 HB-ZRD
    2004-feb-24 A109E HB-XQE
    2004-mar-03 EC120B HB-ZEZ
    2004-mar-17 SA316B V-274
    2004-mar-19 RAVEN HB-ZDW
    2004-apr-14 EC145 HB-ZRB
    2004-apr-21 SA365N1 HB-XPE
    2004-apr-22 EC145 HB-ZRC
    2004-apr-22 SA316B V-257
    2004-may-12 AS532UL T-335
    2004-jun-04 AS332M1 T-317
    2004-jun-21 MD900 HB-ZCW
    2004-jun-25 AS332M1 T-314
    2004-jun-25 KA-32 HB-XKE
    2004-jul-05 SA316B V-282
    2004-jul-29 EC145 HB-ZRE
    2004-aug-03 Visiting EC130B4 HB-ZFG
    2004-sep-22 A109E HB-ZCT
    2004-oct-22 AS532UL T-339
    2004-oct-30 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2005-jan-01 A109K2 HB-XWC
    2005-jan-08 EC145 HB-ZRC
    2005-jan-26 AB206B-2 HB-XSM
    2005-feb-03 A109E HB-XQE
    2005-feb-20 KA-32T HB-ZFX
    2005-feb-26 AS332M1 T-315
    2005-apr-04 AS332M T-313
    2005-apr-04 SA316B V-250
    2005-may-13 A109C HB-ZFK
    2005-may-26 SA365N1 T-771
    2005-jun-09 AS332M1 T-325
    2005-jul-23 EC145 HB-ZRE
    2006-jan-26 AS532UL T-335
    2006-jan-26 EC145 HB-ZRE
    2006-apr-30 407 HB-XQY
    2006-jun-07 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2007-jan-20 KA-32 HB-XKE
    2007-aug-11 AS532UL T-331
    2007-aug-24 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2007-aug-24 300C HB-XFQ
    2007-aug-24 EC145 HB-ZRE
    2007-sep-01 KA-32T HB-ZFX
    2007-sep-07 AS332M T-311
    2007-sep-07 AS332M1 T-319
    2008-apr-12 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2008-jul-31 KA-32T HB-ZFX
    2008-aug-23 300C HB-XFQ
    2008-sep-01 KA-32 HB-XKE
    2009-apr-25 AS332C HB-XVY
    2009-may-16 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2009-may-16 412EP H2-35
    2009-may-16 AS350B3 HB-ZEK
    2009-jul-01 EC155B1 A7-HMD
    2009-oct-10 KA-32 HB-XKE
    2010-mar-26 Heliswiss International AG 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2010-mar-26 Heliswiss International AG 300C HB-XFQ
    2010-mar-26 Heliswiss International AG 300C D-HMIM
    2010-mar-26 Heliswiss International AG AB206B HB-XPQ
    2010-mar-26 Heliswiss International AG AS350B2 HB-ZKY
    2010-mar-26 AW109E HB-ZPJ
    2010-mar-26 Europavia SA EC120B HB-ZLA
    2010-mar-26 Europavia SA EC120B HB-ZIX
    2010-mar-26 BOHAG EC120B HB-ZCA
    2010-aug-11 AS350B2 HB-ZKY
    2010-dec-18 EC145 HB-ZRB
    2011-may-21 AS350B2 HB-ZKY
    2011-jun-19 AS332M1 T-325
    2013-jun-08 AS350B2 HB-ZKY
    2017-may-13 AS350B2 HB-ZTM
    2017-jun Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd AW109SP HB-ZNK
    2018-nov-02 REGA H145 HB-ZQH
    2019-apr-14 REGA H145 HB-ZQH
    2020-jun-19 REGA 3 /RGA03 H145 HB-ZQH

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