brazil Jacarepaguá-Roberto Marinho Airport

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


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0.7190SNEH Hospital Samaritano, Rio de Janeiro
3.9281SIHL Rio Centro Heliport, Rio de Janeiro
4.3281 Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro
12.5353SBAF Campo Delio Jardim de Mattos / Campo dos Afonsos, Rio de Janeiro
16.0085SDHL Rio de Janeiro Lagoa Heliport, Rio de Janeiro
16.0083SDRJ Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

22° 59' 12.12'' S - 43° 22' 18.84'' W
Elevation: 10 feet

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Jacarepagua Roberto Marinho News

New Contract for CHC Brazil S-92 from Shell, 28-Jun-19 : #oilandgas CHC Brazil announced 7-months contract for Jacarepagua based S-92 supporting Shell’s exploration and appraisal activities in the Brava Star platform in the Gato do Mato and Alto de Cabo Frio fields

Total E&P Safety Award for Brazilian Omni’ EC225, 04-Aug-18 : #oilandgas Omni Táxi Aéreo supports Total E&P offshore operations from Jacarepaguá in Rio de Janeiro transporting an average of 560 employees per month on daily flights to the Lapa field

Sikorsky Forward Stocking Location in Brazil, 07-Jun-18 : #parts Sikorsky opened a forward stocking location (FSL) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Eight Brazilian commercial operators currently fly a total of 90 Sikorsky aircraft throughout the country.

Omni EC225 Back to Service for Total E&P, 02-Feb-18 : Omni Táxi Aéreo will use 2 EC225 for transport and medevac for Total E&P in Lapa’s Field, at Santos Basin. Marks return to service for the helicopter type after flight suspension in May 2016

Energy Oil Company Contract for CHC Brazil S-92, 29-Jan-18 : Energy oil company Statoil signed new contract for offshore transport with CHC Brazil S-92 from Jacarepaguá

26-Oct-16 - CHC Brazil Expands in Rio de Janiero
08-Jun-15 - Brazilian Oil and Gas Industry H175 Demo Tour

List of aircraft and events at Jacarepagua Roberto Marinho

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By Date | By Serial

1970-jan-01 S-92APR-JAF
1970-jan-01 S-92APR-OHF
1997-dec-01 S-76APT-YBG
2004-dec-16 AS365N2 Dauphin 2PP-MKE
2004-dec-16 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-YDJ
2005-feb-01 AS355 Ecureuil 2PT-HSB
2005-mar-01 BK117C-1PT-YRJ
2005-jun-28 AS365N2 Dauphin 2PP-MKE
2005-oct-21 HB350BA EsquiloPP-ECF
2005-dec-21 accidentHB350BA EsquiloPT-YYY
2005-dec-27 HB350B EsquiloPT-HNL
2012-mar-01 S-92APR-CHU
2012-jun-12 S-92APR-BGB
2012-jul-01 HB350B2 EsquiloPT-HYQ
2012-aug S-92APR-CHS
2012-aug-01 EC225LPPR-CHV
2012-aug-01 HB350B2 EsquiloPR-CAA
2012-aug-18 S-92APR-JAF
2012-sep-15 BHS Taxi AereoS-92APR-BGB
2012-oct-01 HB350B2 EsquiloPT-HZS
2012-nov-01 AW139PR-OMN
2012-dec S-92APR-BGN
2013-jan-01 S-92APR-OHE
2013-jul-02 S-92APR-JAE
2013-jul-02 S-92APR-JAF
2013-jul-02 S-92APR-OHG
2014-jan-17 S-92APR-OHE
2014-may-07 CA Bell Helicopter Canada429WLGC-GVZG
2018-mar-30 accidentR66 TurbinePR-JBL
2019-may-01 S-92APR-CHS
2019-may-12 S-92APR-BGN
2019-jun-01 AW139PR-SES
2020-mar-07 S-92APR-OHK
2020-apr-02 BHS Taxi AereoS-92APR-BGM
2020-apr-02 Líder AviaçãoS-92APR-JAW
2020-apr-08 Líder AviaçãoS-92APR-JBQ
2020-apr-10 Líder AviaçãoS-92APR-JBP
2020-apr-13 Omni Taxi AereoAW139PR-OHX
2020-apr-28 Omni Taxi AereoAW139PR-OHA
2020-apr-28 BHS Taxi AereoS-92APR-CGH
2020-may-09 BHS Taxi AereoS-92APR-BGU
2020-may-15 BHS Taxi AereoS-92APR-CGE
2020-jun-02 Omni Taxi AereoS-92APR-OHK
2020-jun-11 AW189PR-OHP

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