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  • united kingdom Brent Alpha platform

    Block 211/29, Brent Field, Offshore UK

    United Kingdom

    Oil and Gas Energy Industry

    Satellite and aerial maps of Brent A platform with nearby locations

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    2.5006 Brent B platform, Offshore UK
    22.3018LF6M Statfjord B platform, Offshore Norway
    23.0290 NW Hutton platform, Offshore UK
    23.5212NC Ninian Central platform, Offshore UK
    25.7017ENSF Statfjord A platform, Offshore Norway
    27.3347DX Dunlin A platform, Offshore UK

    1976 to 2014

    61° 2' 5.4'' N - 1° 42' 19.8'' E
    East Shetland Basin
    Elevation: 171 feet

    History of this Location

    The Brent Field is located in UKCS Block 211/29 in the northern North Sea c 73.5nm NE of the Shetland Islands. It is one of the earliest North Sea fields; discovered in 1971 and tested in 1972 in the Middle Jurassic Brent Group sandstone hydrocarbon reservoirs. It opened around 1976; indeed the North Sea Hydrocarbon economy is tracked on World Markets by the price of Brent Crude. There are at least 4 platforms working the field, although by 2019 plans for decommissioning were advanced.

    Brent Alpha was installed in 1976 and is a fixed steel jacket, secured to the seabed by piles at the base of each of its eight legs, in 142 m of the northern North Sea. It ceased production in Nov 2014.

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