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Lynx AH9
Lynx AH.9 is a small attack/utility helicopter, derived from the Lynx AH.7 (Super Lynx). The most striking external differences between the Lynx AH.7 and the AH.9 are the AH.9 wheeled tricycle undercarriage (the AH.7 has skids) and the lack of the port side, roof mounted sighting system. The main blades are built with BERP technology, unlike the AH.7
16 new built plus 8 converted from AH.7 types. Converted later to AH.9A


From Organisation with model Lynx AH9
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    Lynx 140 1977/now

Construction Numbers on database of Lynx AH9


Construction Numbers Help Us

319 1985 UK ZE375 : ah7 AAC; 1995 AH.9 type 659Sqn.
ah.9a conv to AH9A type
320 1985 UK ZE376 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9
10sep06 661Sqn. Tag der Heeresflieger
ah.9a conv AH9A type
Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
324 1986 UK ZE380 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9; 2009 672Sqn
ah.9a conv AH9A type
28jan16 pictured at Newquay Airport
328 1987 UK ZE382 : ah7 AAC; 1998 AH.9 type 659Sqn /3
w/o 09sep04 in Czech Rpublic, 661Sqn AH.9 type
329 UK ZF537 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9 type; Sep05 1Regt
672Sq (9 Regt) by Apr 2005, until Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep +
returned to 1 REGT from Iraq, 10 Jun 2009
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
09sep16 type: AH.9A 657Sqn. at Prestwick
330 UK ZF538 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9; Jan06 1 Regt
UK ZF538 : Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
ah.9a conv AH.9A type, also with AAC
331 1987 UK ZF539 : ah7 AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Jun05 1 Regt
UK ZF539 : Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
332 1987 UK ZF540 : ah7 AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Jan06 1 Regt
Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
written off in fatal crash, c 10.5 nm S of Kandahar air+
346 1990 UK ZG884 : AAC; Dec06 1Reg.
14mar07 1Reg.
2008 1Reg.
Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
347 UK ZG885 : AAC in 2000 /7 659Sqn.
ah.9a conv AH9A type
348 1991 UK ZG886 : ah.9a AAC; Nov05 9 Regt; conv AH9A type
349 1991 UK ZG887 : AAC; 1993 /4 9Reg.
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
05may15 pictured at RAF Brize Norton
351 1991 UK ZG888 : AAC in 1993 /5 9Reg.
ah.9a As of 2010, a MK9A at 672Sqn
AAC; 13+14jun12 9Reg.
352 1991 UK ZG889 : ah.9a AAC d/d 27sep91; 9 Regt til Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep 2005; +
05mar92 type: AH.9 unit unknown, stop at Soesterberg
659Sq Command Flt by Feb 1999
353 1991 UK ZG914 : ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
354 1991 UK ZG915 : ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
355 1991 UK ZG916 : AAC f/f 10de91, d/d 06jan92
Apr05 asg 672Sqn (9 Regt)
ah.9a conv AH.9A type f/f 16sep09
Mar14 with Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands
356 1992 UK ZG917 : ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
357 1992 UK ZG918 : AAC in 1993 664Sqn. ; 1998 659Sqn. ; 2006 1Reg.
ah.9a conv AH9A type
23nov15 14hs at Norwich
Aug16 657sq
05jan17 at Southampton general hospital
358 1992 UK ZG919 : AAC; 1993 9Reg./7; 2003 659Sqn.; 2007 1Reg.
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
359 1992 UK ZG920 : ah.9a AAC; Nov05 1 Regt; conv AH9A type
360 1992 UK ZG921 : AAC; 1995 659Sqn.
14mar07 at Koksijde
returned to 1 REGT from Iraq, 10 Jun 2009
ah.9a conv AH9A type
06jun14 at Hope Valley, Castleton
361 1992 UK ZG922 : AAC d/d 26jun92; w/o 19sep01 at desert landing pad in O+
362 1992 UK ZG923 : ah.9a AAC AH9 type; conv AH.9A type
conv to AH.9A completed by Westland 13 Jul 2009; to 1 R+
24 C/N.

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