AgustaWestland EH101

EH101 Mk.518


MCH-101 variant for Japan assembled by Kawasaki

Model News

JMSDF Takes Delivery of First EH101, 06-Mar-06 : AgustaWestland announce the delivery by Kawasaki of the first EH101 helicopter to the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF)

List of Operators of AgustaWestland EH101 Mk.518

From Organisation with model EH101 Mk.518
united kingdom AgustaWestland UK
    EH101 2000/   
japan Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
    1 2006/   

Construction Numbers on database of EH101 Mk.518


Construction Numbers

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50138 2005 UK ZK112 : Merlin Mk.518, c/n 50138/KHI01, reg G-17-518, f/f 15/02+
JP 8651 : Westland built kit c/n 50138

1 C/N.