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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
A94-0001 1991 US N3182T : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0001, ff: 23Dec91; reg Kama+
A94-0002 1992 US N131KA : Kaman Aerospace from Nov92, f/f 18Sep93; 2010 used for +
US N131KA : 20mar14 pictured (pic1) at Quantico as Autonomous Aeria+
US N131KA : Aug14 Lockheed Martin Conducts First Fully Autonomous M+
18nov15 with Stalker XE small unmanned aircraft system+
Nov16 Autonomous K-MAX UAT pictured (pic2) with S-76 Ma+
A94-0003 1993 - : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0003, built:1993; ground te+
A94-0004 1994 US N526MW : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0004, ff: 12Jan94; reg Kama+
A94-0005 1994 US N133KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0005, ff:1994; reg Kaman Ae+
A94-0006 US N134WC : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0006, ff:?; reg Kaman Aeros+
A94-0007 1994 CA C-FXFT : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0007, ff:1994; reg Kaman Ae+
A94-0008 1994 US N136KA : Kaman from 27Jun94; Weyerhaeuser Co 1994, lsd Kaman
US N136KA : Heli Union ops in Bolivia 1994-14Mar97, lsd from Kaman
CH HB-XQA : Rotex Helicopter AG from 07Apr97; w/o 11oct04 crashed+
A94-0009 1995 CH HB-XHJ : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0009, ff:1995; reg Kaman Ae+
A94-0010 1994 US N162KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0010, ff:?; reg Kaman Aeros+
A94-0011 1995 US N202WM : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0011, ff:1995; del Midwest +
15jun12 19:15 seen over Boulder City, Nevada appearing +
A94-0012 1995 JP JA6184 : Japan Royal Helicopter from Jul96; Akagi Helicopter fro+
A94-0013 1995 CA C-FMGM : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0013, ff:1995; reg Kaman Ae+
A94-0014 1995 US N164KA : Kaman Aerospace from Aug95
US N164KA : Mountain West Helicopters from Jun97; 04Nov99 dam at Sa+
CH HB-ZEH : Eagle Helikopter AG from Sep02; w/o 02oct07 crashed at+
A94-0015 1995 US N314KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0015, ff:1995; reg Kaman Ae+
A94-0016 1996 US N161KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0016, ff:1996; reg Kaman Ae+
A94-0017 1996 US N311KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0017, ff:1996; reg Kaman Ae+
A94-0018 1996 DE D-HFZA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0018, ff:1996; del Heli-Air+
A94-0019 1994 US N313KA : Kaman 1994, to N699RH
US N313KA : Rainier Helicopter Logging Inc from 07May97; company re+
EC HC-CAG : Aeromaster, lsd Feb/Jul 2002, rtn to N313KA
US N699RH : Rainier Heli-Lift Inc from 2006; 2015 still
A94-0020 1996 JP JA6200 : Japan Royal Helicopter from 17Jan97; Akagi Helicopter +
A94-0021 1997 US N21MX : Kaman K-1200 K-Max f/f 1997; Kaman from 04Feb97; Cen+
AT OE-XKM : Wucher Helikopter Austria from 14Apr00, lsf Kaman
DE D-HMAX : Helog Lufttransport AG from May04
CH HB-ZIH : Rotex Helicopter AG from Feb07
11jan16 pictured at Balzers
A94-0022 1997 US N224GM : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0022, ff: 1997; reg Kaman A+
A94-0023 1997 US N135KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0023, ff: 1997; reg Kaman A+
A94-0024 1997 US N312KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0024, ff: 1997; reg Kaman A+
05may10 pictured at Yuma International airport, Arizona+
A94-0025 1998 US N317KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0025, ff: 1998; reg Kaman A+
A94-0026 2000 US N3289T : Kaman from May00
DE D-HFZA : Heli Air Zagel / Helog Lufttransport KG from Jun00, rep+
CH HB-ZGK : Rotex Helicopter from Feb05, repl HB-XQA
Sep17 pictured at Southend Airport, London, UK
A94-0027 2000 KR HL9168 : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0027, ff: 2000; reg Kaman A+
A94-0028 2000 US N357KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0028, ff: 2000; reg Kaman A+
PE N357KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0028, ff: 2000; reg Kaman A+
US - : UAV for field testing with USMC in Afghanistan 2011
US 169221 : Kaman CQ-24A K-MAX; May16 as VMX-22 /FF-01 d/d MCAS Yu+
A94-0029 2001 US N358KA : Kaman Feb01; State Dept from Apr01
CO EJC-500 : Ejercito Colombia until May08
US N358KA : St Louis Helicopters LLC / Skywork Helicopters from May+
NZ ZK-HEE : Skywork Helicopters, NZ from 04Dec08
AU VH-IUU : Skywork Helicopters Ltd Australia from Jul13
US N43HX : Helicopter Express from Feb15
A94-0030 2001 US N359KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0030, ff: 2001; reg Kaman A+
CO EJC-501 : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0030, ff: 2001; reg Kaman A+
US - : UAV for field testing with USMC in Afghanistan 2011
US 169222 : Kaman CQ-24A K-MAX; May16 as VMX-22 /FF-02 d/d MCAS Yu+
A94-0031 CO EJC-502 : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0031, ff:?; reg Kaman Aeros+
A94-0032 2001 US N361KA : Kaman, Feb01
US N361KA : State Dept Feb01-Jul08, for Peru
PE N361KA : Peruvian National Police as N361KA 2002-2008 ?
CO EJC-504 : Colombia, 2008 ?
US N361KA : Central Copters Jul08-Jul09
US N314 : Central Copters from Jul09
A94-0033 2002 US N263KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0033, ff: 2002; reg Kaman A+
A94-0034 2002 KR HL9167 : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0034, ff: 2002; reg Kaman A+
A94-0035 2002 US N265KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0035, ff: 2002; reg Kaman A+
US N674TH : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from May12
A94-0036 2003 US N266KA : Kaman 30Jan03-Jun04; San Joaquin Helicopters Jun04-01J+
JP JA6236 : Akagi Helicopter / Kyokuto Boeki from 14Jun05
A94-0037 2003 US N267KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0037, ff: 2003; reg Kaman A+
A94-0038 2003 US N414 : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0038, ff: 2003; reg Kaman A+
A94-0039 2017 US N995KA : Kaman K-1200 f/f 12may17 re-opened line
A94-0040 2017 US N994KA : Kaman K-1200 May17 re-opened line
A94-0041 2017 US N996KA : Kaman K-1200 May17 re-opened line
41 C/N.

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