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List of Operators of Aerospatiale AS350C AStar

From Organisation with model AS350C AStar
france Aerospatiale
    AS350 Ecureuil 1000 1974/91

Construction Numbers on database of AS350C AStar


Construction Numbers

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001 1974 FR F-WVKH : AS350 prototype f/f 27jun74
1005 1977 FR F-WZAU : Aerospatiale re-registered to F-ODHN
FR F-ODHN : as350d ex F-WZAU cnvt. to AS350D toward N350AH
US N350AH : as350d ex F-ODHN toward N350BR
US N350BR : as350d ex N350AH toward N29FH
US N29FH : as350d ex N350BR
1013 US N90001 : as350d Aerospatiale USA; Conv to AS.350D; to N134BH
US N134BH : ex N90001, rtn to Aerospatiale as F-WYMZ
FR F-WYMZ : Aerospatiale ex N134BH; testbed AS351 with fenestron t+
02jun14 pictured preserved at the main entrance to Airb+
FR F-WGMQ : as350z Aerospatiale ex F-WYMZ; conv AS.350Z as prototype for +
1019 1978 CA C-GMLT : Heli-Quebec Ltee at Bellefeuille, QC, canc Aug82
Les Helicopteres Trans Canada at Les Cedres, QC Aug82-M+
UK G-BNAS : McAlpine Nov86-Feb88, AS350B type
DE D-HMFG : Germany, to CS-HBJ
PT CS-HBJ : Heliservico, Sociedade Portuguesa de Exploracao de Mei+
FR F-GHOE : Heli Union Nov91-Jun93 , AS350BA type
FR F-GHOE : Fin Air Trade SAS Jun/Dec 1993
FR F-GHOE : France Dec93-Oct06
IT I-ECBA : Elicompany from 2007; 2018 still
4 C/N.