MBB Bo105



List of Operators of MBB Bo105DBS-4

From Organisation with model Bo105DBS-4
germany MBB
    Bo105 1967/92
united kingdom Bond Aviation Group
    Bo105 1977/??

united kingdom UK Police Forces
united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
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Construction Numbers

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S-738 1985 US N970MB : 105cbs-2 MBB 1985, demonstrator
AE N970MB : Aerogulf Services Co Dubai Apr86-Sep87, dry lease for O+
AU VH-MBK : Australian Aerospace 1987
DE D-HDRZ : 105cbs-4 MBB 1989, conv to CBS-4 type
UK G-CDBS : Bond Helicopters Sep89-Aug99; Bond Air Services from A+
28may10 Bond type:Bo105DBS-4 at Staverton
On duty - Scottish Air Ambulance
UK G-CDBS : Air Ambulances, op by Bond; Cornwall Air Ambulance from+
Scottish Ambulance Services; Scotland Charity Air Ambul+
US N192SJ : San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE Jul16-May18; ca+
S-814 1989 UK G-PASX : 28may10 at Staverton
S-815 1989 UK G-WYPA : West Yorkshire Police Dec89-Feb01, test serial D-HDZY
UK G-WYPA : SAS from Aug01
S-34/912 1993 UK G-BUTN : Bond Helicopters Jan93-Apr99; Aberdeen
UK G-NAAA : Bond Helicopters Apr/Aug 1999
Bond Air Services Aug99-Aug12; Gloucestershire Airport
UK G-NAAA : Heli Invest BV, Netherlands Aug12-Mar13
NL PH-RWY : Rotor & Wings, noted Aug18
S-421 1978 DE D-HDMT : Manufacturer test serial and MBB Demonstrator; to USA a+
US N4929M : ex D-HDMT, to N4929M.
UK G-BNPS : Oct 1987, ex N4929M, reg to Helicopters UK Ltd, until S+
UK G-PASC : Oct 1989, ex G-BNPS, reg to Police Aviation Services at+
UK G-PASC : Apr 1994, to LNAACT, until 2000. Oct 2001 sold to South+
ZA ZS-RNC : Oct 2001, ex G-PASC, reg in South Africa as ZS-RNC
S-855 1991 DE D-HFHM : Manufacturer test serial; to UK
UK G-BTHV : ex D-HFHM; Mar 1991 to Bond, Aberdeen and contracted to+
21 May 1991 MAAC began operations as Air 5 from Hagley +
MAAC moved its operating base to RAF Cosford during Oct+
Nov 1994 from Bond Helicopters to Germany
DE D-HMBV : ex G-BTHV. D-HMBV (4th iteration); Apr 1997 to UK
UK G-BTHV : ex D-HMBV; Apr 1997 to Bond at Aberdeen; Aug 1999 to Bo+
6 C/N.