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  • VFW CH-53G

    Derived from Sikorsky S-65 H-53


    VFW CH-53G

    Sikorsky provided two CH-53G to West German Heeeresgeflieger and a further 20 knock-down kits to VFW-Fokker for license production with VFW c/ns. VFW-Fokker then went on to build 90 on their own. Since the introduction of the CH-53 in the early 70s several upgrades have been performed. The most significant of these upgrades was the conversion of 20 CH-53G-models into CH-53GS. The CH-53GS is a Combat Search and Rescue variant (CSAR) of the aircraft. A total of 20 CH-53s received this modification, which includes adding external fuel tanks, Night Vision-capabilities and a package for self-defence.

    CH-53G News

    Elbit to Upgrade German CH-53 Self Protection Systems, 11-Feb-20 : #SelfProtection Israeli Elbit to provide Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and Electronic Warfare Controller (EWC) to upgrade self-protection systems for German CH‑53GS/GE helicopters

    Esterline Avionics for Luftwaffe CH-53GS/GE, 19-Jun-17 : Paris Air Show 2017 Esterline to supply Airbus its CMC Electronics brand Integrated Helicopter Solution for the upgrade of the German Air Force’s CH-53GS/GE

    Airbus to Retrofit 26 German CH-53, 27-Feb-17 : Airbus Helicopters awarded contract to replace obsolescence components of the German Sikorsky CH-53GS fleet. Work will be carried out in Donauworth starting this year thru 2022

    Multi-Function Displays for German CH-53GS/GE, 01-Mar-16 : German CH-53GS/GE helicopters to be upgraded with Esterline CMC Electronics’ CMA-9000 Flight Management System (FMS) and MFD-3068 Multi-Function Displays

    Cold Blade 2016 in Finland, 17-Feb-16 : Finnish NH90 and German CH-53GA will be part of European Defence Agency (EDA) Helicopter Exercise Programme (HEP) exercise Cold Blade 2016 in Ivalo in Northern Finland March 7-18

        More News ...

    Derivatives & Versions

    EC CH-53G 1999 Eurocopter Germany took over the task of upgrading Heeresflieger CH-53s

    List of Operators of VFW CH-53G

    From Organisation with model CH-53G
    germany Heeresflieger
        110 1971/12
    germany Luftwaffe

    Construction Numbers on database of CH-53G or its versions


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