Westland Scout

Derived from Saunders Roe Skeeter

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
f.9472 ah.1 1961 UK XP846 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
AAC f/f 20oct61, first production Fairey (Westland) Sco+
f.9473 ah.1 1962 UK XP847 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
to AETW Middle Wallop by Mar 1980.
AAC; preserved at Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
f.9474 ah.1 1962 UK XP848 : AAC Scout AH.1 d/d 09jun62, pres on Gate SEAE Arborfie+
XP848 : sep15 to FAST Museum, Farnborough
f.9475 ah.1 1962 UK XP849 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
w/o heavy landing at Netheravon during autorotation tr+
UK XP849 : ETPS Rotary Wing Squadron
AAC in 1990 ETPS
UK G-CBUH : 5aug02
de-registered 18 Aug 2010 and transferred to New Zealan+
f.9476 ah.1 UK XP850 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
scr Dishforth 1995
f.9477 ah.1 UK XP851 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
w/o 10may63 Yeovil.
f.9478 ah.1 UK XP852 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
fuselage pod only, arrived at Hildesheim from Wroughton+
scr Wattisham
f.9479 ah.1 UK XP853 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
Static Display Model at the Farnborough Air Show pre f+
preserved in static condition at Sutton Surrey by Dec16
f.9480 ah.1 1962 UK XP854 : AAC Scout AH.1 d/d 29jan63
w/o 23mar65 at Oberhausen, W. Germany.
to AETW Middle Wallop by Mar 1980.
Unk to 7898M, to TAD043, to Abridge, Essex; Bedford Co+
UK XP854 : Everett Aero at Sproughton by
UK XP854 : Mayhem Paintball Essex by Jul09; 2015 still; pictured
f.9481 ah.1 1962 UK XP855 : dd 29 Jan 1963; ARWF by Jul 1969
G I Arborfield by Jul 2009
to Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and S+
f.9482 ah.1 1962 UK XP856 : AAC
AETW MW by Aug 1977, still May 1984
f.9483 ah.1 UK XP857 : In use as rotor and structural test rig at Yeovil by Ma+
UK XP857 : scr Middle Wallop
f.9484 ah.1 UK XP883 :
f.9485 ah.1 UK XP884 : Scout AH.1 d/d 06feb63; AAC Historic Flight
f.9486 ah.1 UK XP885 : scr Wattisham
f.9487 ah.1 1963 UK XP886 :
651 Sq; 660 Sq; 652 Sq
to Wroughton; to SEAE Arborfield; to Yeovil Technical C+
to IHM Weston-super-Mare in 2 sections. Stored mostly u+
f.9488 ah.1 UK XP887 : scr Sek Kong
f.9489 ah.1 UK XP888 :
ex Wroughton; to AETW by Jul 1979.
f.9490 1962 AU WS101 : delivered to RAN as WS101.; c/n unconfirmed as also bel+
AU N8-101 : reserialled N8-101, with 723 Sq as /891.
flew at Nowra Air Show 1984 as /891 and was damaged at +
AU VH-NVW : registered VH-NVW on 2 Jun 1999. Preserved at FAAM, Now+
f.9491 UK XP890 :
AU N8-102 : N8-102
f.9492 ah.1 UK XP891 : MOD auction 10oct95; TT 5897 hours
f.9493 ah.1 UK XP892 : w/o 17nov64, Ktima, Cyprus.
f.9494 ah.1 1963 UK XP893 : 3CBAS / S, displayed aboard HMS Fearless at Plymouth Na+
Royal Marines; 3CBAS /S on route
3CBAS/(D)S by Mar 1982; exchanged for ex 657 Sq XV140 a+
UK XP893 : D&T Squadron, MW until Jul 1982
Stored Wroughton Jul 1982
f.9495 ah.1 UK XP894 : scr Sek Kong, 1994
f.9496 ah.1 UK XP895 : w/o 11nov66, Overton
XP895 : A composite, with XP895 (as the majority of components)+
f.9497 ah.1 UK XP896 : w/o 20nov73, Armagh, N.Ireland
f.9498 ah.1 UK XP897 : scr Soest, W.Germany
f.9499 ah.1 UK XP898 : scr Minden, W.Germany
f.9500 ah.1 1963 UK XP899 : dd 18 Oct 1963; ARWF/D by Jul 1973 still by Aug 1977; S+
crashed 1 Nov 1979
G.I. Arborfield by Oct 1981, still Apr 1994, Jul 2009
16jun19 Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Old Sarum
f.9501 ah.1 UK XP900 : scr Wattisham
f.9502 ah.1 UK XP901 : Royal Marines; 3CBAS
UK XP901 : w/o 18jan83, Sek Kong
Serving with 656 Sq in Borneo during Feb 1965
f.9503 ah.1 1963 UK XP902 : Royal Marines; 3CBAS
3CBAS /T on route
3CBAS B Flt/(D)T, embarked HMS Fearless, after leaving +
3CBAS/T concentrated with most of B Flt at Estancia Hou+
to SYAM as cabin section only (marked as ex 3CBAS / DT+
f.9504 ah.1 UK XP903 : scr Detmold
f.9505 ah.1 UK XP904 : w/o 12may78, Lemgo, W.Germany
f.9506 ah.1 UK XP905 :
f.9507 ah.1 UK XP906 : w/o 12mar85, Crest Hill, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong
f.9508 ah.1 1963 UK XP907 : Royal Marines; 3CBAS /U on route; toward G-SROE
UK XP907 : 657Sq (ex 3CBAS /U) landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth+
UK G-SROE : ex XP907
f.9509 ah.1 UK XP908 : AAC Scout AH.1
Displayed at Farnborough Airshow 1968
f.9510 ah.1 1963 UK XP909 : AH.1 built at Hayes. Del Army Nov 1963
at AETW Middle Wallop by Mar 1980, still Apr 1984. Retu+
w/o , Yakama ranges, WA, USA
f.9511 ah.1 1963 UK XP910 : AAC d/d 06dec63; w/o 13sep89; Museum of Army Flying
f.9517 ah.1 1964 UK XR595 : f/f 12dec63
AAC Scout AH.1
UK G-BWHU : UK private owner from Sep95
11sep18 at North Weald
f.9518 ah.1 UK XR596 : w/o 16jul64, Malaya
f.9519 ah.1 UK XR597 : 1964/66 Scout 597 was one of 6 that took part in the Bo+
preserved Hermeskeil Air Museum, Germany
f.9520 ah.1 UK XR598 : w/o 30mar67, Borneo
f.9521 ah.1 1964 UK XR599 : AH.1 built at Hayes, del British Army
w/o 20sep65, Borneo
656 Sq / 7 Flt; 20 Sep 1965 missing on a night flight +
f.9522 ah.1 UK XR600 : scr Otterburn, 1999
f.9523 ah.1 1964 UK XR601 : w/o 26 Aug 1979 after tail rotor severed by main rotor +
G.I. SEAE Arborfield until Sep 2009
To Whittington Barracks as Gate Guard 10 Sep 2009, gone+
f.9524 ah.1 UK XR602 :
f.9525 ah.1 UK XR603 : AAC
AU VH-NVW : RAN Fleet Air Arm Historic Flight at Nowra Naval Statio+
for sale by auction online at graysonline.com located +
f.9526 ah.1 UK XR604 : w/o 8feb79, Hereford
f.9527 ah.1 1964 UK XR627 : 3CBAS/G, 3CBAS/Q by Aug 1978,
Royal Marines; 3CBAS /Q on route
3CBAS B Flt/(D)Q, embarked HMS Fearless on 6 Apr 1982, +
3CBAS/Q concentrated with most of B Flt at Estancia Hou+
to Wroughton; to Middle Wallop; to Dishforth; to Arborf+
In storage ( marked /X ) at Storwood, Yorks by Jul 2013
f.9528 ah.1 1964 UK XR628 : 8 Flt/B by Jul 1969; 656 Sq by Mar 1982.
Flown from Netheravon to Southampton Docks for loading +
f.9529 ah.1 1964 UK XR629 : d/d 29/04/1964, 8 Flt/C by Jul 1969
666 Sq /B by Jun 1972, fitted with SS11 missile.
657Sq landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Sound 7 Jun 1+
f.9530 ah.1 UK XR630 :
666 Sq / F by Jun 1972
f.9531 ah.1 UK XR631 : w/o 19jun74, Vogelsang, W.Germany
f.9532 ah.1 UK XR632 : MOD auction 10oct95; TT 6346.9 hours
C5- : To Gambia, Jan 1997
f.9533 ah.1 UK XR633 :
f.9534 ah.1 UK XR634 : w/o 17may66, Aden
f.9535 ah.1 1965 UK XR635 : AAC d/d 08feb65; i/a at Midland Air Museum
ex 653 Sq; to AETW by Jul 1979
XR635 : to Coventry University date unk; Sep12 to The Midland A+
under restoration at Midland Air Museum. Still present +
f.9536 ah.1 1965 UK XR636 : crashed during a roulement detachment to Northern Irela+
to a scrapyard in Gosport by .
scr Gosport
f.9537 ah.1 UK XR637 : AAC Scout AH.1
pictured unk
scr Detmold
f.9538 ah.1 UK XR638 : visited Southend on 18 Oct 1965
w/o 3jan66, Marlborough, Wiltshire.
f.9539 ah.1 UK XR639 : scr Middle Wallop, 1993
f.9540 ah.1 UK XR640 : w/o 14may69, Chattenden Barracks, Hoo, Kent
f.9617 1965 UG 5X-UUW : ex G-17-1, delivered to Police Air Wing 1966. wfu 1969.+
pictured unk
ex Uganda Police Air Wing; to Panshanger (date ?)
ex Panshanger based; to Blackpool (date ?)
ex Blackpool based; to East Dereham (date ?) as strippe+
f.9618 1965 UG 5X-UUX : ex G-17-2, delivered to Police Air Wing 1966. wfu 1969.+
UK G-BKLJ j.wilkie, morecambe, uk : ex 5X-UUX, to UK Jul 1983. Broken up Jan 1991, some par+
to Panshanger (date ?); to Heysham (date ?); to Tatters+
to East Dereham by Jun 1993
May 2015, to Knutsford area.
f.9619 1965 BH BSP-1 : ex G-17-2 and dd Jun 1965 to Bahrain State Police (as i+
pictured unk
ZA GT : ex Bahrain Public Security Force BSP-1 following accide+
Preserved at SAAF Museum, Port Elizabeth by
f.9620 ah.1 UK XT614 : f/f 18oct65
f.9621 ah.1 UK XT615 : w/o 2feb68, Oman
f.9622 ah.1 UK XT616 : scr Middle Wallop 1993
f.9623 ah.1 1965 UK XT617 :
660 Sq; 653 Sq; Wroughton store
to Almondbank
to Wattisham by Jun 2015, still Dec 2017
f.9624 ah.1 UK XT618 : scr Sek Kong, 1993
f.9625 ah.1 UK XT619 : w/o 10mar66, Stanford
f.9626 ah.1 UK XT620 : scr Dishforth
f.9627 ah.1 1965 UK XT621 : AH.1 Del AAC Jan 1966

666 Sq; 664 Sq; 666 Sq; 656 Sq; 655 Sq
w/o 19 May 1970
At RMCS Shrivenham by Dec 1999. Still there (at DAUK Sh+
f.9628 ah.1 UK XT622 : w/o 23apr68, Malaya
f.9629 ah.1 UK XT623 :
carried out the final Scout tasking in Northern Ireland+
f.9630 ah.1 1966 UK XT624 :
UK G-NOTY : 5nov97
f.9631 ah.1 1966 UK XT625 : w/o , Borneo
to AETW at Middle Wallop by Mar 1978 as TAD625.
left MW for Sutton Coldfield by Jul 1979
Guarding the gate at St Georges Barracks, Sutton Coldfi+
f.9632 ah.1 1966 UK XT626 : 656 Sq by Mar 1982; Wroughton by May 1982,
pictured (pic1) as /Q 666 Squadron Army Air Corps badg+
AAC Historic Flight
UK G-CIBW : Ministry of Defence; Army Historic Aircraft Flight at M+
pictured (pic2) as XT626 / Q, having rotors removed af+
f.9633 ah.1 1966 UK XT627 : AH.1 built by Westland at Hayes.
Repaired after ditching in Hong Kong harbour. Returned +
scr Sek Kong, 1993
f.9634 ah.1 UK XT628 : scr Sek Kong, 1993
f.9635 ah.1 1965 UK XT629 : Royal Marines; 3CBAS
3CBAS /R on route
3CBAS B Flt/(D)R, embarked HMS Fearless on 6 Apr 1982, +
3CBAS/R shot down nr Camilla Creek House on 27 May 1982
f.9636 ah.1 1966 UK XT630 : AAC d/d 02may66
UK G-BXRL : Rodney Coplestone Jan/Jul 1998
Raffia Enterprises Ltd from Jul98; w/o 16oct99; canc Ma+
preserved Bruntingthorpe, noted Jul06
24aug14 pictured preserved on external display at Brunt+
Apr17 on sale on eBay
Mr J and DJ Baddeley private collectors from Jun17
f.9637 ah.1 UK XT631 :
f.9638 ah.1 1966 UK XT632 : MOD auction 10oct95: TT 5816.4 hours
UK G-BZBD : 7mar00
f.9639 ah.1 UK XT633 :
f.9640 ah.1 1966 UK XT634 : MOD auction 10oct95; TT 5199.7 hours
UK G-BYRX : 5oct99
w/o 29dec15
f.9641 ah.1 UK XT635 : w/o 5may67, Aden
f.9642 ah.1 UK XT636 :
AAC 668 Sq / C unk
to AETW Middle Wallop by Mar 1980.
f.9643 ah.1 1966 UK XT637 : dd Aug 1966. Scrapped Yeovilton 1994
visited Seaton Barracks 10 Jun 1967
Issued from RNAY Wroughton to 656 Sq and flown to Nethe+
Flown from Netheravon to Southampton Docks for loading +
f.9644 ah.1 UK XT638 :
f.9645 ah.1 UK XT639 : scr Middle Wallop 1993
f.9646 ah.1 UK XT640 :
f.9647 ah.1 UK XT641 : w/o 3sep67 Aden
f.9648 ah.1 1966 UK XT642 : 656 Sq by Mar 1982; Wroughton by May 1982; scr. Middle +
f.9649 ah.1 1966 UK XT643 :
661 Sq; 660 Sq
to Wroughton store
to Stanford Training Area nr Wretham Camp by Aug 2015
f.9650 ah.1 UK XT644 : MOD auction 10oct95; TT 5688.7 hours
C5- : C5-
f.9651 ah.1 UK XT645 :
f.9652 ah.1 UK XT646 : MOD auction 10oct95; TT 5867.2 hours;

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