Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk
brazil Força Aérea Brasileira

Brazilian Air Force

Del'd: 16 - 2006 to present


  • Força Aérea Brasileira UH-60L Black Hawk
  • Força Aérea Brasileira UH-60L Black Hawk cockpit
  • Força Aérea Brasileira UH-60L Black Hawk

Six UH-60L bought in 2006 assigned to the 7/8 GAV for SAR missions in the Amazonas. Additional aircraft requested in 2009

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FAB Black Hawk 30,000 Flight Hours, 01-Aug-17 : Brazilian Air Force (FAB) UH-60L Black Hawk fleet achieved the milestone last week. Sixteen H-60L, as they are called, began service in 2006 first with Harpia squadron and Pantera in 2011

Sikorsky Repair Agreement for Brazilian Black Hawks, 15-Aug-13 : Sikorsky Aerospace Services to provide component repair services to the Brazilian Air Force


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2011/    5º/8º GAv - Esquadrão Pantera Santa Maria
2006/    7º/8º GAv - Esquadrão Harpia Base Aerea de Manaus

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    70-2882     8901: FAB
    70-2885     8902: FAB. BuNo 05-27074
    70-3373     8903: FAB. BuNo 05-27116; 12mar10 pictured near Concepcion, Chile +
    70-2971     8904: FAB d/d 2007; BuNo 05-26117
    70-3011     8905: FAB
        8906: FAB
        8907: FAB d/d Mar11; 23nov11 pictured
        8908: FAB d/d Mar11
        8909: FAB, BuNo 06-27198
        8910: FAB, BuNo 06-27199
        8911: FAB; 12apr12 pictured
        8912: FAB d/d May12
        8913: FAB
        8914: FAB
        8915: FAB
        8916: FAB d/d May12

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