1975 to present

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1087 beta 1989     N2073V: Robinson Jul/Aug 2003
- G-CHAL: Chalrey Ltd Aug89-Jul92; Cabair Helicopters Ltd Jul92-J+

plane talking ltd G-OHLL: Plane Talking Ltd Dec97-Dec02

- VH-HYT: Australia from Aug03

Professional Helicopter Services VH-PHI: PHS from Aug15
    2275 beta 1993     N23610: Robinson toward LQ-BJI
Argentine Provinces Police Units LQ-BJI: Policia Bonaerense /B275, test serial N23610, to VH-HCP+


- ZK-HBZ: 2008 noted New Zealand

HBZ was owned by Neville
    0746 beta     N2530W: Robinson toward I-SPBI
. I-SPBI: ex N2530W
    1411 beta     N4009F: Robinson toward I-TSNP
. I-TSNP: ex N4009F
    1378 beta 1990     N4014R: Robinson May90
- G-OLRT: Reg 21May90, many owners until 2005

Rotormotive Ltd Aug05-Aug06

Henderson Group Aug06-Sep13

Swift Helicopter Services from Sep13

An old tail boom was used by a rebuilt aircraft in Pola+
    1704 beta     N4063T: Robinson toward EC-HSB
- EC-HSB: from Feb01
    1800 beta 1991     N40820: Robinson toward G-BTNA
- G-BTNA: ex N40820
    4309 beta II     N41263: Robinson toward I-WWWW
. I-WWWW: ex N41263
    1109 beta 1989     N63992: Robinson from Jul99 ex G-EVER toward VH-HSP
- G-EVER: toward N63992

- VH-HSP: from Nov99 ex N63992
    1684 beta 1991     N63993: Robinson from mid 1999 ex F-GHHM toward G-ZBED
- F-GHHM: toward N63993

- G-ZBED: from Nov99 ex N63993
    2357 beta 1993     N64038: Robinson from Aug99 ex OO-CMQ toward G-INKS
- N8020Q: toward OO-CMQ

quick service helicopters OO-CMQ: from Oct93 QS Helicopters; 1995 QS Helicopters

- G-INKS: from Nov99 ex N64038 toward F-GOFE

- F-GOFE: from Jan02 ex G-INKS
    2701 beta II 1997     N701RH: Robinson, to N475AT
- N475AT: LLB Enterprises Group Inc at Fort White, FL from May12;+
    4635 beta II 2014     N70287: Robinson Helicopter Mar14, to Brazil
    3320 beta II 2002     N70600: Robinson toward VH-MIT
MI helicopters pty ltd VH-MIT: MI helicopters ex N70600
    3317 beta II     N70637: Robinson toward EI-GPT
- EI-GPT: ex N70637

Treaty plant hire Limerick, Ireland
    3325 beta II 2002     N70734: Robinson toward HB-ZEG
- HB-ZEG: ex N70734
    3747 beta II 2004     N74365: Robinson Jan05
Heli Air Ltd G-CDED: Heli Air Jan/Mar 2005

- G-CDED: Mar05-Dec12

London Helicopter Centres G-LHCD: London Helicopter Centres from Dec12
    3467 beta II 2003     N75125: Robinson toward F-OICP
? F-OICP: ex N75125
    3506 beta II     N75256: Robinson toward I-SUGA
. I-SUGA: ex N75256
    3586 beta II     N7529Q: Robinson Apr 2004
Starlite Helicopters ZS-RTV: Starlite; w/o 29oct13 crashed near Herolds Bay
    2023 beta 1991     N82128: Robinson Dec98-Jan99
- LV-VAB: Argentina 1991-1998

- G-BYHE: Helicopter Services Jan99-Oct04; Kent Aviation Ltd Oct0+

Helicopter Services Ltd G-BYHE: Helicopter Services Ltd from Oct07
    2448 beta 1994     N83117: Robinson Jul/Sep 1994
- D-HFGH: private Germany , Apr10 to France

- F-GPKA: Aero Service Littoral; w/o 26oct13 at Torreilles, Pyré+
    0455 alpha 1984     N8556Z: USA, canc Nov88
- G-BPRZ: Phoenix Aviation (Bedford) Ltd Mar/Apr 1989; private Ap+

- ZK-HLJ: New Zealand from 1994; preserved

- ZK-IMG: 09nov16 pictured at Ashburton Aviation Museum
    0018 1980     N9021N: Robinson, 09Sep81 sold in UK
Sloane Helicopters G-BISC: Sloane Jun/Jul 1981

- G-BISC: Jul81-Nov89, many owners

Originally bought from Sloane by Patrick Howell, ba+

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