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  • australia Heliflite Australia

    Robinson representative
    AgustaWestland representative

    Heliflite is the AgustaWestland distributor throughout Australia. They have been also a Robinson helicopter distributor since 1977 with sales and support bases in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.


    First R44 Cadet Goes to Heliflite Australia, 18-Jul-16 : The first two production R44 Cadet helicopters were delivered to Heliflite Australia, a longtime Robinson dealer.

    First R66 in Australasia goes to Heliflite, 22-Nov-10 : Heliflite is pleased to announce that it will be taking delivery of the first Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter in Australasia early next year, after official FAA certification was completed in late October.

    Model Types

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      Robinson R44 Cadet2016
      Robinson R662010

    List of Aircraft

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    AW109E Power 11684 2006VH-ATH : Heliflite from Nov06
    R44 Cadet 30002 2016VH-CLX : Heliflite Australia from 08jul16
    AW109S Grand 22031 2006VH-CTC : Heliflite Australia Feb 2007
    R22 Beta 4586 2012VH-CZM : Heliflite Pty Ltd Dec12
    : pictured at the 2013 International Airshow at Avalon Airport
    R44 Raven 1582 2005VH-DPZ : Imported for Heliflite at Bankstown
    R44 Raven 2128 2011VH-DPZ : Imported to Australia and registered by Heliflite
    R44 Raven 2474 2017VH-DPZ : Imported and Registered by Heliflite
    R44 Raven 2676 2022VH-DPZ : Imported to Australia and registered by Heliflite
    R44 2355 2014VH-EEQ : Heliflite Pty Ltd Jun14-May18
    AW109S Grand 22127 VH-ENE : Heliflite Pty Ltd from May09
    R44 II 12569 2008VH-FOA : Heliflite Pty Ltd Dec08
    R22 Beta II 3313 2002VH-HFJ : Heliflight; w/o 11may02 during training . total hrs: 10
    R22 Beta II 4160 2007VH-HFJ : Heliflite from Jul07
    R44 Raven II 10580 2004VH-HFJ : Heliflite from Jan05
    A119 Koala 14042 2005VH-HFX : Heliflite Pty from Jan05
    R22 Beta II 4669 2014VH-HGF : Heliflite Pty Ltd from 05feb15; GOGO Station Pty Ltd from 05mar15
    R22 Beta II 2788 1998VH-HHN : Heliflite Pty Ltd at Georges Hall, NSW Aug/Oct 2014
    R22 Mariner II 2626M 1996VH-HLB : Ownership transferred to Heliflite, presumably to be resold.
    R22 Beta II 4367 2008VH-HPL : Heliflite from Sep08
    R44 Raven 2671 2022VH-HQB : Imported and registered by Heliflite Australia
    R44 Raven II 11432 2006VH-HTF : Heliflite Oct06-Feb07
    R22 Beta II 4793 2018VH-HVO : Heliflite Pty Ltd from Jan19
    R44 Raven II 12335 2008VH-IDW : Heliflite Pty Ltd Jul08
    : pictured on display at the 2013 International Airshow at Avalon ...
    R22 Beta II 4039 2006VH-IRR : Imported to Australia by Heliflite
    R22 Beta 3346 2002VH-IXR : Heliflite from Jun22
    AW119Ke Koala 14719 2008VH-KEJ : Heliflite Jan09-2011
    R44 Raven II 13016 2010VH-KWT : Heliflite from Oct10
    R44 Cadet 30003 2016VH-LCH : Heliflite Australia from 08jul16
    206L-3 Long Ranger 51120 1984VH-LMW : Imported to Australia from heliflite
    R22 Beta II 4636 2013VH-LVW : Heliflite from Mar14
    R22 Beta II 4637 VH-NKV : Heliflite from Mar14
    AW109S Grand 22154 2010VH-OCD : Heliflite Pty Ltd Mar10-2012
    R66 1123 2022VH-OXB : Imported and registered by Heliflite
    R22 Beta II 4675 2015VH-OYH : Heliflite Australia from Mar15
    R22 Beta 4758 2017VH-SLH : Heliflite Jan18
    : pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
    AW109E Power 11720 2008VH-THG : Heliflite May/Jul 2008, to N347TE
    AW109E Power 11609 VH-TRW : Capital Heliflite PTY Ltd Aug04-Sep06
    R44 II 14224 2018VH-XVZ : Heliflite Aug18
    : pictured at Sydney Airport
    AW139 31108 2007VH-YHF : Heliflite from Mar12
    : pictured (pic1) on display at the 2013 International Airshow at A ...
    R66 Turbine 0216 2012VH-YSE : Heliflite from Feb13
    R66 Turbine 0285 2012VH-YYJ : Heliflite Pty Ltd Feb13
    : pictured on display at the 2015 International Airshow at Avalon ...
    R66 Turbine 0011 2010VH-ZVQ : Heliflite from Jan11

    42 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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