1982 to present

  • Helikopter Service as332 super puma
  • Helikopter Service as332 super puma

airframes built post 1990 listed under Eurocopter

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2053 as332L 1983     LN-OAW: CHC 1999-
Maersk Air OY-HMH: Maersk Air 1991-1999

- VH-LHD: from May00

Lloyd Helicopters VH-URY: Lloyd Helicopters from Dec12

- VH-URY: Sep13 in Australia working out of Truscott Airfield for+
    2352 as332L1     LN-OBU: to VH-LAG;
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LAG: CHC Australia; ex LN-OBU

w/o 21jul11 at Port Keats Airport Wadeye. While taxiing+

- N474WZ: Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE, 2013
    2073 as332L 1983     LN-ODA: Helikopter Service 1983-1990
Bond Aviation Group G-PUML: Bond Helicopters Jul90-Nov98

CHC Scotia G-PUML: CHC Scotia Jun99-Jan08

German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HEGI: Bpol from 2008, ex G-PUML, conv AS332L1 type; 2010 pict+
    2074 as332L 1983     LN-OLA: Helikopter Service, test serial F-WTNI
Lufttransport AS LN-OLA: AS Lufttransport

Cougar Helicopters C-GVCH: Cougar Helicopters May02-Jul07

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GOSI: CHC Jul07-Feb14

- N377MS: 2011-Feb12, rtn to C-GOSI

CHC Cayman Islands VP-CHO: CHC Cayman Islands from Feb14; reg to be confirmed, no+

17apr14 at Seaforth Docks in Liverpool England now wai+

22apr14 17:50hs has left Seaforth Docks and is now at L+

24apr14 12hs pictured landed at Budapest-Ferihegy and l+

25apr14 landed at Tuzla, Romania for offshore operation

Oct17, to be scrapped at Heli-One in Stavanger, Norway
    2082 as332L 1983     LN-OLB: Helikopter Service, test serial F-WKQA,
Maersk Air OY-HMJ: Maersk Air 1996-1999

Vector Aerospace G-CIOI: Vector Aerospace from Mar15

Global Helicopter Service GmbH D-HBGL: GHS 2016
    2103 as332L 1984     LN-OLD:
Maersk Air OY-HMI: Maersk Air 1995-1999
    2120 as332L     LN-OLE: Helikopter Service 1985-1990; to 5V-TAH
Togolese Air Force 5V-TAH: Togo airforce 1990; VIP; reser 5V-MCD; to G-BWZX

Bristow G-BWZX: Bristow 1997-2012; to Canada
    2114 as332L     LN-OMC: Helikopter Service; 1985 as G-BMBV; w/o 18mar96; to eurocopt+
    2048 as332L 1983     LN-OMD: Helikopter Service 1983-1997, test serial F-WXFA
Cougar Helicopters C-GTCH: Cougar Helicopters Apr97-Nov06

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GOSE: CHC Nov06-Sep13; to Vector Aerospace

Babcock Australia VH-NYV: Bond Australia Sep13-2015

- N748VA: Wells Fargo Bank from May15
    2053 as332L 1983     LN-OME: Helikopter Service 1983-1991, test serial F-WMHF
Maersk Air OY-HMH: Maersk Air 1991-1999

- VH-LHD: from May00

Lloyd Helicopters VH-URY: Lloyd Helicopters from Dec12

- VH-URY: Sep13 in Australia working out of Truscott Airfield for+
    2139 as332L 1985     LN-OME: CHC Helikopter Service Jan07
Lufttransport AS LN-OLF: Lufttransport 1985-1997

Cougar Helicopters C-GQCH: Cougar Jan97-May07
    2067 as332L 1983     LN-OMF: Helikopter Service, test serial F-WXFP, lsd G-PUMK
Bond Aviation Group G-PUMK: Bond Helicopters Mar90-Nov98, back to LN-OMF

CHC Scotia G-PUMK: CHC Scotia Jul99-Apr04; to Heliworld leasing canc May04
    2113 as332L 1984     LN-OMH: CHC Helikopter Service
- HZ-RH4: Saudi Arabia, lsd
    2123 as332L 1984     LN-OMI: Helikopter Service 1984-1985
British Airways Helicopters G-BLZJ: British Airways Jun/Oct 1985, rtn to LN-OMI

British International Helicopters G-BLZJ: BIH Jul88-Jan89, rtn to LN-OMI

Bond Aviation Group G-PUMJ: Bond Helicopters Dec89-May96, rtn to LN-OMI

Bristow G-BLZJ: Bristow Sep/Dec 1999, rtn to LN-OMI

Norsk Helikopter LN-OMI: Norsk Helikopter 2000-2009

Bristow Norway AS LN-OMI: Bristow Norway Mar09-2012

Bristow G-BLZJ: Bristow Nov12-May15; 11feb13 at Aberdeen, Scotland

14mar13 pictured (top) at Aberdeen

12aug13 pictured (bot) at Aberdeen

Airbus Helicopters UK G-BLZJ: Airbus Helicopters from May15
    2077 as332L 1983     LN-OMK: Helikoper Service 2008-Sep10
North Scottish Helicopters F-WXFD: North Scottish Helicopters; Jun83 as /118H still with +

Bond Aviation Group G-PUMD: Bond Helicopters Ltd Jan83

CHC Scotia G-PUMD: CHC Scotia 2000-aug08, to LN-OMK

05Mar05 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FYPO: CHC Mar09-Dec12

Aug10 spotted in Halifax, NS

Lloyd Helicopters VH-LYU: Lloyd Helicopters from Dec12 ( Heli-One Leasing ); Mar1+
    2347 as332L1 1991     LN-OPH: Helikopter Service
- LN-OPH: Heliwest AS, Mar05

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