Aerospatiale as332 super puma in
germany Bundespolizei

German Federal Police (BPOL)

Del'd: 13 - 1990 to present


Bundespolizei as332 super puma

Three ex BGS VIP transports plus 17 AS332L1 Super Puma EC with the last one delivered in 2010 and listed under Eurocopter. Starting to be replaced by the H215 from 2019

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Bundespolizei 18 AS332L1s Cockpit Upgrade, 05-Oct-15 : Helitech 2015 The German Federal Police, Bundespolizei (BPOL), will modernize their fleet of 18 AS332L1 Super Puma helicopters with proven EFIS and avionics upgrades from Universal Avionics and other suppliers.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2234 as332L1 1987     D-HEGA: BGS from 1988 to 2005
    2265 as332L1 1988     D-HEGB: BPol. test serial F-WYML from 1988 to 2005 BGS from 2005 BPo+
Aerospatiale F-WYML: Aerospatiale toward D-HEGB
    2268 as332L1     D-HEGC: Bpol
    2018 as332L 1983     D-HEGD: BPol 2004, conv to AS332L1 type

Bond Aviation Group G-PUMG: Bond Helicopters from Aug83

CHC Scotia G-PUMG: CHC Scotia 2000-dec04
    2355 as332L1 1991     D-HEGE: BPol from 2006
korean air HL9201: Korean Air from 1992 to 2005 toward D-HEGE
    2016 as332L 1982     D-HEGF: BPol from 2007; conv AS332L1; ex N170EH,G-CDTN
- N6017L: noted 1988

ERA Helicopters N170EH: ERA May-Dec 2005, ex N170ED, to G-CDTN

CHC Scotia G-CDTN: CHC Dec05-Sep07, to D-HEGF
    2101 as332L 1984     D-HEGG: Bpol from Jun07, ex G-PUMH, conv AS.332L1 type
North Scottish Helicopters G-PUMH: Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) fro+

Bond Aviation Group G-PUMH: Bond Helicopters from Jun84; 27sep95 emergency landing +

Bristow G-PUMH: Bristow Oct99-May07, to D-HEGG
    2073 as332L 1983     D-HEGI: as332L1 Bpol from 2008, ex G-PUML, conv AS332L1 type; 2010 pictured +
Helikopter Service LN-ODA: Helikopter Service 1983-1990

Bond Aviation Group G-PUML: Bond Helicopters Jul90-Nov98

Helikopter Service LN-ODA: CHC Helikopter Service Nov98-Jun99

CHC Scotia G-PUML: CHC Scotia Jun99-Jan08
    2050 as332L 1982     D-HEGO: BGS from 2004 to 2005; BPol from 2005; conv AS332L1
Bristow G-TIGL: Bristow from 1982 to 2004 toward D-HEGO
    2115 as332L     D-HEGP: Bpol 2006; conv AS332L1
Bristow G-TIGZ: Bristow 1984-2005; to D-HEGP
    2111 as332L 1985     D-HEGS: Bpol from May06
Bristow G-BLRY: Bristow Feb/Apr 1985

Okanagan Helicopters C-GQGL: Okanagan Helicopters May85-Apr86

Bristow G-BLRY: Bristow Apr86-Feb87

- P2-PHP: Papua New Guinea Feb/Sep 1987

Bristow G-BLRY: Bristow Oct87-Apr94

Norsk Helikopter LN-ONA: Norway May94-Sep96

Bristow G-BLRY: Bristow Oct96-Apr97

Norsk Helikopter LN-ONA: Nork Helikopter May98-May01

Bristow G-BLRY: Bristow Jun01-Apr06
    2071 as332L 1983     D-HEGT: Bpol; conv AS332L1
Aerospatiale F-WTNW: Aerospatiale to G-TIGR

Bristow G-TIGR: Bristow helicopters Mar83 to Nov05, ex F-WTNW to D-HEGT

06Mar05 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
    2017 as332L 1982     D-HEGU: Bpol AS332L1 type from 2008, ex OY-HDT
Sealand Helicopters C-GSLC: Sealand Helicopters, canc jan90

- HC-BNC: Ecuador, rtn to C-GSLC

Canadian Helicopters C-GSLC: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Oct/Nov 1990

- HC-BQJ: Ecuador, rtn again to C-GSLC

Canadian Helicopters C-GSLC: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Oct94-Oct95

Brintel Helicopters G-BWHN: Brintel Helicopters oct95-jun99

Danish International Helicopters OY-HDT: Danish International Helicopters from Jul99

CHC Denmark OY-HDT: CHC Denmark, canc 2008, based Esbjerg

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