1997 to 2011

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1997/    Bell Mirabel Montreal (Bell) heliport

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    44802 1998     C-FCSS: BHTCL 2nd prototype
    56072 2008     C-FWLN: Bell Canada Sep/Dec 2008, test serial C-FOFB
Bell Helicopter N359BB: Bell Helicopter Dec08-Jun10

- LV-CEZ: Argentina from 2010; 14feb14 pictured at Rosario, Santa+
    56078 2009     C-FZQG: Bell Canada Jun09-Sep11
Bell Helicopter N450KB: Bell USA Sep/Dec 2011

- ZK-IRP: North Shore Helicopters Ltd, New Zealand
    56084 2011     C-GAED: BHTCL re-registered to C-GKSU
- N437ML: from dec11 ex C-GKSU
    56067 2008     C-GAJN: Bell Canada
Bell Helicopter N1461B: Bell May08-Apr09

- VT-HCD: Hindustan Construction Company 2009
    56079 2009     C-GAYI: Bell Canada Jul09-Oct11, test serial C-GFNK
Bell Helicopter N455PB: Bell Oct11; LV-CVN ntu

- N30GM: Flipper Aviation at Alameda, CA from Jul12
    44801 1997     C-GBLL: BHTCL 1st prototype f/f 11dec97
    56001 1998     C-GDEJ:
Bell Helicopter N429CL: first aircraft
    56002 1998     C-GDSJ: Bell Canada Dec98-Apr01
Bell Helicopter N427FW: Bell USA Jun03-Oct04

Alfa Helicopter OK-AHB: Alfa Helicopter Ambulance, Czech Republic; w/o 05feb10 +
    56080 2010     C-GERJ: Bell Canada Mar10-Nov12, test serial C-FOEP
Bell Helicopter N429TD: Bell Helicopter Nov12-Jan13

- N429TD: New York Helicopter Group Llc at New Canaan, CT Jan13-M+

Oct/Nov 2014, sold Bell 427 2010, ex New York, NY USA
    56058     C-GFNP: Bell Canada
Bell Helicopter N7512V: Bell Nov06-Aug07

- VT-BAN: India private
    56081 2010     C-GFPT: Bell Canada Apr10-Dec12, test serial C-GAJH
Bell Helicopter N483ZB: Bell Dec12

- N427BW: Inland Empire Air Llc at Fontana, CA from Jan13
    56010 1999     C-GFQS: BHTCL toward N427ME
- N427ME: Mar00 new ex C-GFQS toward C-FWLS

- C-FWLS: Jan06 new ex N427ME toward ?? end 2006

- N378JC: Justice Aviation ex ??; 16jun12 visit Airport
    56013     C-GFUY: Bell Canada
Bell Helicopter N2418E: Bell Helicopter May/Dic 2000

Nishi Nippon Airlines JA004W: Nishi Nippon Airliners from Jan01
    56082 2010     C-GFYJ: Bell Canada Jun10-Nov12, test serial C-GFNR
- N69UJ: Autonomy Air Corp at Bayamon, PR from Jan13
    56031     C-GJZL: Bell Canada
Mitsui Bussan Aerospace N3000B: Mitsui Bussan Feb/May 2002

Nishi Nippon Airlines JA012W: Nishi Nippon Airliners
    56084 2011     C-GKSU: BHTCL ex C-GAED toward N437ML
- N437ML: from dec11 ex C-GKSU

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