1986 to 1998

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1986/nowBell Mirabel Montreal (Bell) heliport

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    35003 1989     C-FGNF: BHTCL toward EHBR-1109
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1109: FAM w/o 22jan91
    35005 1989     C-FGNO: BHTCL toward EHBR-1111
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1111: FAM ex C-FGNO re-registered to 1411

Mexican Air Force 1411: FAM, ex EHBR-1111, w/o 23dec09
    35006 1989     C-FGNU: Bell Canada, Feb90
Mexican Air Force 1413: FAM 1990 EHBR-1113, reser 1413

Mexican Air Force EHBR-1113: c/n 35006 is 1113/1413, it is currenltly going through +
    35004 1989     C-FGOD: BHTCL toward EHBR-1110
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1110: FAM ex C-FGOD re-registered to 1410

Mexican Air Force 1410: FAM 1990, ex EHBR-1110
    35007 1989     C-FGPC: BHTCL toward EHBR-1114
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1114: FAM ex C-FGPC re-registered to 1414

Mexican Air Force 1414: FAM 1990, ex EHBR-1114
    35008 1989     C-FGPE: BHTCL toward EHBR-1115
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1115: FAM ex C-FGPE re-registered to 1415

Mexican Air Force 1415: FAM, ex EHBR-1115, w/o 18apr08
    35011 1989     C-FGWZ: BHTCL toward EHBR-1116
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1116: FAM ex C-FGWZ re-registered to 1416

Mexican Air Force 1416: FAM 1990, ex EHBR-1116
    35012 1989     C-FGXD: Bell Canada Nov/Dec 1989
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1117: FAM from 1990, reser 1417

Mexican Air Force 1417: FAM; w/o 31jan14 crashed during takeoff inside the 8th +
    35013 1989     C-FGXI: BHTCL toward EHBR-1118
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1118: FAM ex C-FGXI re-registered 1418

Mexican Air Force 1418: FAM, ex EHBR-1118
    35014 1989     C-FGXK: BHTCL toward EHBR-1119
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1119: FAM ex C-FGXK; 20apr92 w/o
    35015 1990     C-FHMQ: BHTCL toward EHBR-11??
    35016 1990     C-FHMV: BHTCL toward EHBR-11..
Mexican Air Force 1420: FAM, ex EHBR-1120
    35017 1990     C-FHTO: BHTCL toward EHBR-1122
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1122: FAM ex C-FHTO re-registered to 1422

Mexican Air Force 1422: FAM, ex EHBR-1122
    35020 1990     C-FIKG: BHTCL toward EHBR-1123
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1123: FAM ex C-FIKG re-registered to 1423

Mexican Air Force 1423: FAM, ex EHBR-1123
    35022 1990     C-FITH: BHTCL toward EHBR-1124
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1124: FAM ex C-FITH re-registered to 1424

Mexican Air Force 1424: FAM, ex EHBR-1124
    35023 1990     C-FIYJ: BHTCL toward EHBR-1125
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1125: FAM ex C-FIYJ re-registered to 1424

Mexican Air Force 1425: FAM, ex EHBR-1125, w/o 17may07, sold

- N9564N: from Feb08, ex FAM 1425

Aero Tech Llc N9564N: Aero Tech re-registered to N20PF

Aero Tech Llc N20PF: Aero Tech ex N9564N
    35024 1990     C-FJCN: BHTCL toward EHBR-1126
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1126: FAM ex C-FJCN
    35025 1990     C-FJDX: BHTCL toward EHBR-1127
Mexican Air Force EHBR-1127: FAM ex C-FJDX re-registered to 1427

Mexican Air Force 1427: FAM 1990, ex EHBR-1127
    35031 1990     C-FJKY: Bell Canada 1990
Gobierno de Mexico XC-HHN: Mexico, to XA-SSL

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SSL: SAEMSA, to N531RL

- N531RL: private at North Delta, CA from Aug15

Feb16 being parted out in Delta, BC, Canada
    35078 1994     C-FTQZ: BHTCL; 25jan95 toward FAC4004
Colombian Air Force FAC4004: d/d 1995
    35071 1994     C-GFNL: Bell Canada; to Iran as unk
iranian navy aviation ?: to be conf

iranian air force 6-9207: VIP Aircraft

boarding Mr.President.
    35088 1995     C-GLZU: Bell Canada 1995
Saudi Aramco N705H: Aramco Assoc Co at Houston, TX

- N705H: Hudson Flight Ltd at Pampa, TX from Aug10

- N405H: Hudson Flight Ltd at Pampa, TX from Mar11

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