McDonnell Douglas MD520N
usa State of Arizona

1991 to present

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1991/06PHXPD Phoenix Deer Valley
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    LN001     N521FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, test serial N58521, to C+
- C-GSXC: Apr07-Aug08

Oceanview Helicopters Aug08-May11

Fireweed Helicopters from May11

- -: Dec14 Sold to New Zealand

- ZK-IRS: Rotor Flite N.Z. Ltd, 2015
    LN002 1991     N522FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Jan92-Jul06
- VH-INY: Gunn Resources at QLD Australia from Aug06

Jun15 Operating as an Essential Energy contractor in NS+
    LN003 1991     N523FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, test serial N58523; pict+
- N523FB: K-tek Aircraft at Baton Rouge, LA from May07-Apr15

State of Louisiana N523FB: Southern Helicopters Inc at Sunshine, LA from Apr15
    LN004 1992     N524FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, to N520MG
- N524FB: Adworks Marketing at Dublin, Ohio Jun07-Jan08

- N520MG: Hagedorn Aviation at Wilmington, DE from Feb08
    LN005 1992     N525FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Sep91-Jan06, to N909AG
- N909AG: Air and Land Ventures at Wilmington, DE from May07
    LN006 1992     N526FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD), to D-HABF
- D-HABF: Hahn Helicopter GmbH from Aug06; Oct10 for sale by Aero+
    LN007 1992     N527FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) 1991-Jan06
- N527FB: Helicopter Minit Men Inc at Columbus, Ohio from Jun06

Chatham County Mosquito Control at Savannah, GA from No+
    LN097 2002     N528FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) Jan03-Jan06, to N520GK
- N520GK: Vortex Helicopters at West Glacier, MT from Apr06; Apr1+
    LN098 2002     N529FB: Phoenix Police (PHXPD) 20jun03-Jan06, to ZK-HWH
- ZK-HWH: Faram Helicopters Ltd at Gisborne, New Zealand from Apr+