1968 to present

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1997/12Pasadena Police Department
? to ?SDPD

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    45567 206l-1 1980     N206VC: Ventura County Sheriffs Dept (VCSD) at Camarillo, CA from J+
- N3886U: to XB-END

- XB-END: Mexico, to N313ML

- N313ML: to N313HL

- N313HL: Edwards and Associates at Bristol, TN 02-23 March 1990

- C-FCHZ: Riverside Helicopters at Parksville, BC Jun/Nov 1991

Government of Canada C-FCHZ: Ministry Of Natural Resources Province Of Ontario (OMNR+

- C-FCHZ: Westcan Aircraft Sales and Salvage at Kamloops, BC Nov0+
    3956 206b-3 1987     N211LA: LAPD from Jan92, ex N3203P
- N3203P: Bell 206B-3, cn 3956, ff:?; del US as N3203P, unk
    3957 206b-3 1987     N212LA: City of Los Angeles Police (LAPD) from Jan92
Bell Helicopter N3206P: Bell

- N212LA: May/Jun 2017, sold Bell 206BIII 1987: Formerly Los Ang+
    41205 oh-58a     N239PS: Pasadena Police Department from Jun13
US Army Aviation 71-20344: US Army, 1997 to N995SD
    3939 206b-3     N3202X: City Of Los Angeles Police (LAPD) from Mar87
- N3202X: May/Jun 2017, sold Bell 206BIII 1987; Aircraft is disas+
    40993 oh-58a     N397E: Kern County Sheriffs Dept (KCSD) from May97
US Army Aviation 70-15442: US Army
    52058 206l-4 1994     N4014Z: California Highway Patrol (CHP) from Dec94
    40596 oh-58a     N497E: Kern County Sheriffs Dept (KCSD) from Jul97
US Army Aviation 69-16375: US Army
    45231 206l-1     N523RR: 206l-3 Rogers Helicopters at Clovis, CA from Jun86; conv to L-3 typ+
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIZ: Vancouver Island Helicopters, canc Jun86
    4565 206b-3 2002     N601CC: Contra Costa County Sheriff Office (CoCo) from Feb03
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GZPU: Bell Canada Oct02

Bell Helicopter N2080A: Bell Helicopter
    52014 206l-4 1993     N6197N: California Highway Patrol (CHP) from Dec94, test serial C-GB+
    52481 206l-4 2015     N627NS: Orange County Sheriffs Dept (OCSD) from Sep16
Bell Helicopter N627NS: Bell Nov15-Jan16
    149 206a 1968     N6281N: a 1968 model used by LAPD until 1996; Now in the Los Angele+
Bell Helicopter N6281N: Bell 206A cn149 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6281N, u+
    4643 206b-3 2007     N664PD: LAPD from Jul08
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FRAR: Bell Canada Oct/Nov 2007
    215 206a     N703SD: San Diego Police Dept (SDPD), sold
Bell Helicopter N4058G: Bell 206A cn215, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4058G, +

- C-GSOO: xfer Canada as C-GSOO, unk

- N3879B: xfer US as N3879B, unk

- N703SD: MSI N65es LLC at Albuquerque, NM from Sep07
    1246 206b-2 1972     N704SD: San Diego Police Department (SDPD), notice Nov03; to N83RH
Gobierno de Mexico XC-GII: Mexico, to N37467

- N37467: to N704SD

- N83RH: Apple Intl at Blountville, TN Mar08

- G-CFFM: Apple Intl Inc Nov08-Feb09

Jac-Heli Sarl Feb/Apr 2009

- F-GKLC: Jac-Heli Sarl; 25jul14 pictured at Royan
    487 206a 1969     N729LA: xfer Los Angeles Police as N729LA, unk [ntu?]
- CF-QGP: Bell 206A cn487, ff:?; del Canada as CF-QGP, unk

- C-FQGP: rereg Canada as C-FQGP, unk

- N35BA: xfer US as N35BA, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk

- N111EL: xfer US as N111EL, unk [ntu?]

- N35BA: xfer US as N35BA, unk

xfer US as N35BA, unk

- PR-HQB: xfer Brazil as PR- HQB, unk; w/o ivo Federal University+
    41383 oh-58a     N82786: California Highway Patrol (CHP) from Jun95
US Army Aviation 71-20522: US Army
    42029 oh-58a     N901SF: SFPD ex 72-21363 from Jan97 to w/o 11Jan00
US Army Aviation 72-21363: US Army toward N901SF
    40703 oh-58a     N911FA: Pasadena Police Department from Apr00; w/o 17nov12 collided +
US Army Aviation 70-15152: US Army
    51172 206l-3     N911VC: VCSD Ventura County Sheriff from 1988; w/o 30jun1993
    41301 oh-58a     N916PD: Sacramento Police Dept (SPD) from Jun96; 20jan14 precautiona+
US Army Aviation 71-20440: US Army

- N144KC: to N916PD
    40632 oh-58a     N916SP: Sacramento Police Dept (SPD) from Jun96
US Army Aviation 70-15081: US Army

- N230BS: to N916SP
    41264 oh-58a     N941SC: Spalding County Sheriffs Office Feb99-Feb08
US Army Aviation 71-20403: US Army

State of Georgia N298CC: Clayton County Police Dept at Jonesboro, GA from Nov09

Feb15 being sold as salvage on GSA auction website
    40186 oh-58a     N942SC: Spalding County Sheriffs Office from Sep05
US Army Aviation 68-16872: US Army, conv to OH-58C
    451 206a 1969     N95SB: 206b-2 xfer San Bernadino County Sheriff as N95SB, unk; conv Bell 2+
    N95SP: xfer California State Police as N95SP, unk
Bell Helicopter N2296W: Bell 206A cn451, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2296W, +

Niagara Helicopters C-GSEE: Niagara Falls Jun85-May93

Blackcomb Helicopters C-GSEE: Blackcomb Sep93-May94

- C-GSEE: Black Tusk Helicopter at Squamish, BC from May94
    42030 oh-58a     N96BM: Pasadena Police Department from Jul97; w/o 17nov12 collided +
US Army Aviation 72-21364: US Army
    450 206a 1969     N96SB: 206b-2 xfer San Bernadino County Sheriff as N96SB, unk; conv Bell 2+
    N96SP: xfer California State Police as N96SP, unk
Bell Helicopter N2295W: Bell 206A cn450, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N2295W, +

- C-GMGS: xfer Canada as C-GMGS, unk

- C-FEBL: xfer Canada as C-FEBL, unk
    41205 oh-58a     N995SD: Riverside County Sheriffs Department (RCSD) Feb97-Apr13
US Army Aviation 71-20344: US Army, 1997 to N995SD
    40389 oh-58a     N996SD: Riverside County Sheriffs Department (RCSD) Feb97-Jun17; exp+
US Army Aviation 69-16168: US Army

- -: Aug17 aircraft is currently under restoration at the Ma+
    42110 oh-58a     N997SD: Riverside County Sheriffs Department (RCSD) from Oct95; canc+
US Army Aviation 72-21444: US Army
    42020 oh-58a     N997SL: Riverside County Sheriffs Department (RCSD) from Feb97
US Army Aviation 72-21354: US Army
    41120 oh-58a     70-15569: Santa Barbara Sheriff Office from 2014 as spare parts; sold+
US Army Aviation 70-15569: US Army

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