1997 to present

Nakanihon Air Service 430

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49062 1999     JA010Y: Nakanihon from May07
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZH: Bell 430 cn49062, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

Bell Helicopter N2349A: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N2349A, unk
49115 2005     JA04TV: NAS from Oct08
Bell Helicopter N10350: Bell/Mitsui May06
49125 2007     JA05CH: NAS from Aug08
Bell Helicopter N8533Y: Bell 430 cn49125, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8533Y,+
49031     JA05TV: NAS from Nov97
Bell Helicopter N7208H: Bell/Mitsui Oct97
49100 2003     JA06CH: NAS from Sep04
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUB: Bell Canada 2003

Bell Helicopter N51484: Bell/Mitsui Sep04
49009 1996     JA121T: NAS from Mar97
- N62837: Mitsui Bassan at Irving, TX Jan/May 1997

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